My testimony

I come from a Catholic family, when I was 10 years old 1977 my mother was diagnosed as terminal ovarian cancer, less than 3 months to live. That made us ( sibilings) look for a church where God’s presence was, we found a pentecostal Christian church, we went in, all this people praising God with uplifted arms, speaking in tongues, prophecying , a prophet said my mother would be heal but it would take 9 months for her body to go back to normal. They prophecied my older brother would become a minister of God, the cliff said He is mine. I felt the presence of God for the first time in my life.

We left my mother was put on oncology, a hospital for the people that were very ill, she had a dream where the Lord Jesus met her in a mountain, and my sister and I were there as little kids, then He gave her a glass of white milk like liquid, and she drink ,she woke up there was a man on white ( she though a doctor ) back then doctors wore white coats . He said I am here to give you your medicine, he helped her to sit and drink this milky liquid, and left. My mother thought, that is weird they give me pills for pain. She sat and got up walk to the door, and shout doctor, here the nurse came, and said, there is no one in the floor but me. She was release a week after because the tumor the size of a grapefruit was gone. It took 9 months for her to get strong, and get completely whole. , my brother became a minister 20 years later, still serving God. We never went back to that church, but I spoke in tongues. Didn’t know the Holy Spirit is God, a part of God the comforter, the fire, the water, the wisdom of God. But God living in us, it took me many years to find God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and get to know them experiencionally. I had many encounters with the Living God, because my whole beeing was hungry and thirsty for his presence. Because as a child I felt his presence and was filled with his Spirit, I kept seeking, my soul was hungry for his fellowship. No one told us we had to read the word of God and live it. Obey and really keep its commandments. That we have a covenant with God, and forsaking it would mean being cursed. So I live in this carnal world too long until I was so sick ( physicly ) I was weak , always in pain, until I started to seek him, He started to show up in my bedroom, in my closet, in my reading chair. God is a healer, is been healing me ever since, He sad He’ll is real, He is coming soon, sooner than people want to realized. Seek the Lord while you can find him. May your journey to know the Living God be the most wonderful experience ever. May you learn to abide under his wings, and hear his voice.