I saw the plans of the enemy

A mouth releasing 2 bugs, I saw a principality harassing a person, giving her ideas and violent feelings, I saw an army ( black ) ready to break gates and enter, I saw birds flying ( black birds ) and being shoot by a huge arrow.

I come before you Lord to thank you for your goodness, that you reveal the plans of the enemy , that we can engage in battle, or come to your courts. I praise you o God for you are good and Holy, I ask forguivenes for every emotion, action and did what I and the,people in this nation have sin against you, please forgive those who have hurt me, and bless them, you said God this war is spiritual, through you to the pulling down of strong holds, so please forgive our iniquity, transgrations and sin, wash us with your living water and with your the blood of the King Jesus, let his precious blood testify on our behalf I, your courts and remove all legal rights the enemy has against us. Let your Holy Spirit burn asunder all documents, contracts, cords and chains, and give a favorable verdict on our behalf ,send your Angels to fight our battles , for the victory is yours, let our praises arise and prepared through your Holy Spirit the walls and gates in our Nation, states, cities, homes.,let the Holy Spirit open gates of blessing and healing and close every gate, nook and cranny the enemy has open. In Jesus name. Lord cut the slandering tongues, and break the teeth in their mouths.

Rise o mighty 🛡 shield and buckler and ever with your truth and glory as a rear covering, to deflect every arrow of the enemy, surely you will deliver us from the snare of the fowler and the destructive pestilence, we won’t be afraid of the arrow that flies by day, for our trust is in you, you are our refuge our strong tower, we abide in you, and dwell in your secret place, thank you for your angels that lift us up in the palm of their hands, thank you great I AM that you are with us in battle , thank you that you answer when we call your name, thank you that you deliver us and turn every curse into a blessing. Let your shalom, your proteccion, and benediccion be upon us. Heal our hearts, bodies, minds and soul, and align us to your perfect will. Let your spirit fall on us, with new and fresh anointing, and align us with your perfect will. Amen