The Lord our God is Good

The Lord our God is good, after seen in the spirit the enemy atacks on his children, the Lord revealed to me that I should pray for the people with fear and depression to be deliver,then I saw the Lord Jesus holding in his lap a person, started as a baby and energy like an atom surrounding the baby and became a grown up person, then in his lap he rock that person to sleep, and when the person was asleep he released it to the air in a cocoon of energy like a bubble , a person fast asleep resting in a bubble of his proteccion, then another person in his lap, over and over he rock them to sleep. And today as I praise the God of our salvation, Jesus and the Father and the Spirit of God, I saw in the spirit people praising and dancing, incense of praise to our God. so let the praises and the dancing in holiness rise.

May the peace ( shalom) life ( chaim) healing ( Raphe) salvation ( Yeshua) glory (Kabod) and his Spirit ( Ruach) be upon every flesh, on every Nation, over every circumstance, over every people,every family, every mountain of Influence. In Jesus name through his Holy Spirit. amen