Warning enemy’s plans

I had an amaizing visitation, but I will write about it tomorrow, for now I saw an attack to kill children of God by the enemy, saw a snake bitting repeatedly a woman and then a man draining them of life.

I saw some women, getting their shoes, they were sitting inside the mouth of a snake, they walk 4 steps and collapse death.

I saw the snake directed at me, but I fought back, it went away then a carriage with horses and many principalities with knives came down, they had hostages ( children of God) with the knives to their necks.

I expose and come against the plans of the enemy, I release the spoilers , the fear of God, The fire of God from his throne room, against the enemy and his demons.

I call on the Blood of Jesus to cover every child of the Most High, ask speak in the courts of heaven on our behalf , and our families, Lord forgive any sin we might have and break every legal right the enemy has against us. Break our chains, Send your warrior angels to fight on our belhalf, release your all consuming fire against our enemies, and Deliver us, The Lord Jesus paid in full for our life, we proclame life and not death, the Shalom, chain and salvation of the Lord over his children, over this Nation, over the Nations of the world.

I pray all intercesors , watchers in the tower, prophets, apostols, we all are call to pray for each other.