Just was woken by the Spirit to see Gigants

Just walk by the spirit to see Gigants opening a house with their head and ate the person in it , chewed it, they enter and started to run, there were 3 their heads 1/2 the size of a room.

Adrede I went to bed from praying I saw some people taken by angels taking to the rock, but there were snakes hiding, I had never see, those sneaked even in the water trying to kill the believers walking on the shore.

When before when we were at the rock we were safe, never seen an atack like these, and I just saw a snake bridging the gates of our atmosphere, saw a huge hand shining some sort of light in the highway as the cars pass by, I be live was putting something inside each car, ( didn’t know who’s hand it was , the enemy has pierce his hands to pretend to be the Lord ) I saw huge hands drop something in the hands of the enemy , what ever it was went inside the hole of the enemy’s hand wound I be live it closed it. , now I see the eye of the Lord and a huge man like on white clothes came out walking. Now I see the hand trying to rice his hand again to imitate the Lord and device the people. , it succeed and this huge double gate was open and this man in white came in  ,  they close the door behind him not without allowing the snake to come in head through the door, breaking the door.

I see an eye shuttibg some light out like a big energy ball , I saw i see this 2 heads trying to kiss, but a Mighty Angel gets between them and started to push back, many angels followed.

The enemy’s hand is shining some darkness ( is not light ) that comes oír of his hand. ,22vheads again trying to kiss , then this demon  in total black

Robes with pirce hands walks in between the 2 giant heads. I see this huge man  shining light

Light from above is breaking the darkness , now I see this man kissing this woman, that the Spirit reveals to me is not the Lord but an impostor.

I see a tent, very large, thick darkness outside the door, now light shining over the darkness, then they turn into a man’s leg with sandals pushing or kicking a ball.

Now I see feet with sandals, the sandals are removed.

I can not be live seen this demon walking the series of a city., there is a door ( Supernatural gate ) 

Above I see the hand of the enemy e with wholes he made.

I see a king with a multitude behind him, now charriot and people on horses. There is no light on the king.

I see a huge man walking, there is no light on him, but some saints ( born again Christians ) with light inside started to climb on him, but undernead his collar there is a snake. ( the Word says the false prophets will do wonders and miracles , that even the elect could be deceved) . i see a great multitude walking in darkness and worshiping. The enemy, they are following the enemy, they are confuse, they think is the messiah.

I see Jerusalem, and big vans entering the gates, I can see the Holy Spirit coming down on waves .

I see a man walking and a principality behind him almost glued to him the black principality is manipulating the man , like a poppet .

Now I see men in carriage going in, I see angels walking among the people., now a wall more like a bench . I see a principality finding a secret place on some rocks and entering .

Now I see a room, there is a woman and a man making out, then I saw a book and a hand with electricity in the enter the room , the hand Send me some rays to the woman, then she was inside a huge book.

I see a man with his children walking out. Acting the minimum , leaving.

I see a group of wonen dress as angels, they are neither, they are demons signing in to enter some place.

I see a few angels getting a few people out. I see a huge man like ( witness or prophet ) with a gardening tool followed by many people. I see a huge battles tuning down stairs, running over people.

Some people closing the doors of their homes.

I saw fear was put into a bullet or orb the enemy is shooting from high and making people afraid, worship God and declare his promises, He kept showing me fearful things, I realized I was hit, it stop as soon as I worship, and declare the goodness of God, had to leave.

Outside wirl winds that are really angels with swords. Índice the houses very little light comes in.

Outside the angels surrounding the city, ,i see angels flying, one has a scroll, then I saw this spiritual darkness following the message angels. The Angels took some people out, and as they left the walls were shaking like a huge earthquake, the walls collide. Bringing the people to the rock/cliff

Under the one if the gates in the city a big mouth talking and causing shaking ( earthquake ) people saying, every thing is falling down.

I see books , 4 closed books .

Now In América, a Man sitted in a rocking chair next to his garden gate. I see cloths , gates swinging open, then clothes on the line, little kids running around,all of

A sudden everything became cloudy, like a thick fog or darkness. I saw some people fell down like fainted. 2 people, husband and wife working on the garden building a pagoda, talking about fixing the gate to the house, another gate open, I see a huge Angel , one angel has a book with names, and an outstrech hand. The same on other parts of the world, the angels are only taking the people on their list.

I see many angels flying in circle, hovering and moving .

I saw these principalities, coming out a house with their little boys, and sucking them in their mouths.

I saw a man in white taking other people put them in sort of boats that were on the sky .

Now a see women in white gown dresses going up a staircase, the ground shaking. I see the hands of the Lord Jesus shining light moving his hand like saying come closer, come, I see a rose or flower in his hand.

Then I saw 2 hands holding, this 2 hands were from different skin color people, a brunette woman and a white man, they had like cords to each other in their wrist and fore arms, the cords were broken. The Lord is shining light over the people and cleaning them, healing them .

I see a gigant having a nail through his tongue wide way,

Then a white horse with dark mane walked in, someone riding a 2 horse carriage, with a white robe, the sit area is empty, no passenger.

I see a gigant sniff an ángel into his nose, and ate whole cars and pavement, all of a sudden everything stop and a very large caravan of carriages pass through him freezing everythingi saw angels with a Canon under a bridge shooting something in some vehicles, it was a small dagger for combat, one given to a man on dark robs . I believe some fallen angels still look like angels test the spirits

I saw a man going to shoot himself, and a principality behind him, I rebuke him, he stop, was delivered, then a woman with many demons, the demons were shakles and carried by an Angel.

I saw a man with addiction, had the Spirit of death, was set free. Praise God., the Holy Spirit is delivering people from addictions, sin, enfermity.

I saw one of the dragons I seen flying outside death, or dying, the big dragon Satan got angry that it was killed, then next thing I see is a woman kneeling and a dragon just hatch from the nest, she was the food. The enemy tested the dragons like his children. The huge demonic angels had 4 little angels an 1 human to feed another dragon. The enemy was very angry talking to a huge dragon. I saw another canon on top of a good pointing straight ahead.

Now I see the bad angels holding a young redhead woman, tall, braided hair on the side. She has been bound with something like bandaged.the enemy has a porcupine now.