Today, woke up

Today wake up seen slander, a face of a woman a cursing and slandering, she had the tongue if a snake. Then I had a dream where I was taking care of children that were not mine, and were taken to a doctor and had this baby taken blood from him with out me knowing, I was so upset, the father of the children was furious. ,

Make me thought about how God is going to be mad to those in position of power , if they do not look for the best care of his children. We need to get align with God will, not our own thinking.

I belive the president is doing a great job, the Lord has shown me before He is pleased with him. Angels are around him speaking, guiding him.

I saw a huge snake , trying to go forward.,the enemy wants to spread fear and control over us, destroy our economy and disturb the believers with worry, sickness. But Jesus and the Father are in control, they are God, keep your eyes on God, read his word, worship him and thank him. Pray for every one , people in Goverment that they hear God’s guidance, that the people experience peace and fair increase, deliverance from the enemy, peace and only hear God’s voice.

That his Spirit be pour over all people, that we all change our hearts and priorities for a simpler, wholesome way of living with God as the Center.