I was shown a parasite, bug

I was shown a parasite or bug, looked like tiny worms or sneaks and some like sperm, but some in a cluster form. , someone put it in a plate with water, and I saw it. Was thinking why would any one bring this thing to their house and put it in a plate with water.

So I decree the fire of the Most High God, that come from the throne room of God go forth to quench every plan, pact, assembly of the enemy , every secret agenda is brought down, in Jesus name, the Blood of Jesus wash us clean, our Lord had pay in full the ransom for our lives and salvation. Jesus is victorious, and sitted on the throne. We proclame Jesus power, victory over his enemies, over his children, over the world.

We Relese the spoilers against any and very pact of the enemy, we Relese the mighty war angels of God against every principality, power, might, dominion and spirit of wickedness in Jesus Name, led captivity captive, oh Lord our God , Holy father, righteous one. We abide in you.

I ask for forgiveness for our sins, transgrations and iniquity, and thank you For for your cross, for, your blood that speaks better than the blood of Abel, burn asunder every pact or legal right the enemy has against us. O Lord, by your mighty arm, by your Holy Spirit. We thank you heavenly father for your verdict in our favor, for your angels who fight our battles, in Jesus name, deliver the captive free, open our eyes, clean our hearts, minds, souls and spirit, open our mind that we can comprehend your word. Thank you again loving father, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit for taking us to the court to plead our case, for showing us the enemies plans, for giving us wisdom and strategy to fight the enemy, but most of all for your live and constant company and your angels who help us, protect us and fight our battles. Amen