I saw a woman

I saw a woman carring her cross, the cross was tied to her body and arms as she walked, she was carring it, and she was wearing a white tunic dress.

I was shown by the Holy Spirit, how we the saints will be doing exploits , saints on the shoulders of angels, and Deliver people, fight battles, do whatever is needed, I saw the Holy Spirit with us and the cloud of witnesses and angels team up, we started removing demonic powers from the Land, and those were arrested, we went to different Nations, walls, floors, land, air was clean of evil and dark spirits, then we went for a long time cleaning mountains, closing every gate of he’ll open, deliver the trap souls even from inside some demos or snakes,I saw the Lord Yeshua walking over the mountains and deserts, cleaning the land, closing every opening, deliver people captive by the enemy that were being torture, ( made me think one of the apostols talking about when a born again believer instead of having a Holy life walk in sin after know in Jesus , had repented ( that is walking away from sin ) the Apostol said let them be deliver to the adversary so their soul can be save.,then I saw this huge hands retrieving the ones that belong to God.The Holy Spirit showed me this 2 huge men also full of little people in the spirit., they were in Isrrael , I saw the land being cleaned of spirits. Even idolatry in the houses.

I saw many people over the word being save specially the youth, some after being rescue were week and fainted, the Lord caried them out him on this big hands and shone light on them, others in a tent with angels of healing all around, I saw a young man full of briefs and towns .

I saw the land being cleanse.