Another bug

I saw another bug it look like a cluster of tiny sneaks, others look like sperm, someone said they had this bug, I thought why would you bring it here and put it in water.

So I speak death to any bug, bacteria or virus, the enemy want to release in to the Nations. Death to death and curse every virus from the root up, in Jesus name.

I proclame we will live and not die, we are the bless of the Lord, nothing shall harm us, The blood of Jesus (Yeshua) cover us. I proclaim Life, salvation and peace and Benediccion from God over the people, our children, the Goverment, finances, business, families media, entertainment and arts, Education, over America ( the Nation) and over America’s youth, I proclaim Chaim, Yeshua, shalom over the Nations of the world. Let the kingdoms of this word become the kingdom of the Lord and his Messiah .

Then I woke up, hearing the audible voice of the Lord, he ask me a personal question, then after I answer , and before I open my eyes, I saw 2 heads , one woman cursing, with bikers tongue, and darkness, and before I even woke up completely the warfare had beguin.

After warfare and worship, I made it through the 2nd heaven up to the entrance of the 3rd Heaven.,I saw the Holy Spirit waves that cover me. Later Then I saw an Angel, and my stomach hurted as soon as I saw him, I knew was Lucifer in desguise