I saw many Angels and saints in the cliff

I saw many Angels and saints on the cliff of the rock, then, a door open and they went out in a large quantity, many angels on white robs.

I also hear, relinquish the Americans  control .

I repented of our arrogance thinking we can control everything, instead of crying out to God and asking for forgivness, and asking for his help, We can not control, the weather, or nature, the stock market, the number of hairs on our head, who are we kidding?, we pretend we are in control, instead of surrending to the All Mighty God., you are in control God, I surrender our lives, our hearts, minds, situations, you are in control.

I hear the 9 calling , 9 hour.

9 hour speaks of 3 PM or 3 AM ( in this case an apointed time ) number nine refers to judgement.

I remember seeing an Angel, nine calling , 9 hour. It was 3:00 AM

Then I saw a man in white with a lamp, and then the heavens open, and another person or angel in white robs came down in a boat, rowing. Then I saw this person in the boat kneeling and praying . I saw the boat being supernatural lowered, and one angel above the boat, and light coming from the heavens door.

I see 2 angels carring a shawl, sheet, one on each side , and walking forward, there is something in it, I can not clearly see. I kept seen angels, until I fell asleep.

One thing we proclame is God is in Control, one Nation Under God indivisible with liberty and freedom for all.

I proclame the Shalom of God, ( blessing, peace, benediction, completion, wholeness and supernatural healing ) in our Nation, in our families, in our cities, in every mountain of Influence, the Shalom of God, his Chaim ( life ) , from the Spirit of God, spirit of life from the All Mighty in our finances, our Goverment, our cities, our schools, in every aspect to our life, and Declare this Nation is. In covenant with God All Mighty. Our trust is in God.