The Lord gave me II Kings 17 5 to 17:23

He speaks about giving the land to the King of Assyria for 3 years because his people have sin against him, having idols , worshiping angels, calls and Baal, and his anger had been kindle.

I had visions of the enemy anointing a person, and having captives, and I was taken to the courts and shown books fill of accusations, I have been repented for that man that the enemy had in his claws and a snake even bit his neck, Anointing him with his poison. I cry out to Jesus for mercy, and the Lord cry one tear from his eye onto that man, and many spirits came out, I Be Live he was delivered.

Which made the enemy attack me sending swords against me, I saw many important men of power with black robes undernead nice suits. , I saw a huge black dragon breaking a gate of iron and entering. I can not explain the sorrow I feel, may our God have mercy on us.

I still will declare his goodness. His wonderful works, He is all Mighty and Jesus won’t be moved. Still sitted at the right hand of the father in the throne.