We urgently need to seek God and ask for his Glory and fullness of Spirit.

With that said I have been experiencing huge warefare, witchcraft and 2 huge principalities (female) cursing, with viperous tongues, they are outside the human’s World, above in 2nd heaven, but I saw them and the snake breaking our headge or gate and coming in and the darkness in our atmosphere grew immensely. If we do not recived the fullness of the Holy Spirit with fire and Glory, and all the anointing, we are going to be defenseless.

I saw this demons entering our heaven breaking the gates and coming in from 2nd heaven to first, now the 2 principalities and Satan that were above , would be inside where we live.

I saw them and this snake bitting and fighting the Holy Spirit, 3 against one.

The enemy is a dirty coward, never fights with honor. That might be the enemy’s plan, but God is mightier than many waters.

My heart is broken,

Been praying for mercy and restauration, then I felt asleep, finally I saw the the Lord Jesus coming down and shining his glory light on the human atmosphere ( first heaven ) . I fell asleep again so greatfull for Jesus intervention. , seeking the Lord for advice.

Praise the Lord o my soul, praise him for God is good always, he is the first and the last, his Kingdom is unshakeable.

Yeshua Ha Messiah Melek ha olam, Jesús Messia king of the universe. !