Last Night the war was brutal

Last Night the war was brutal between the Angels and demons, I saw an Angel wrestling with a cherub, had a snake o dragon head. I saw an angel throwing a demon down, and other demons falling, I fell asleep, I saw bibles being burn, persecuson and no more religion freedom, I fell asleep and woke up again. About 2:30 am , and saw great darkness and I could see a dragon with many heads, I saw a big mouth in a beast and the Holy spirit took me inside its mouth , it had many mouths and spirits inside cursing and blaspheming . After that I saw many people walking in great darkness, they had blinders in their eyes, and the blinders were taken off, their eyes were open, or enlighten.

I saw from inside the beast’s mouth a Man and a woman came out rising to power, looking very nice and charming , waving like if they were royalty o famous. I also saw a dragon with many heads , I saw great darkness, those who’s eyes were open walked away from their liders , they realize the liders were evil full of witchcraft. I fell asleep.

I woke Up again at 5:00 am by the Holy Spirit, There was great darkness and had a burden in my soul, I prayed until I fell asleep, I woke up again to see a good looking man rise up. ( evil líder ) I saw him from the nose to his neck , he had short bear, when he open his mouth , the full power of Satan came out, many spirits streingthten him , he had a broch on the neck area made by many hands and arms that interlock with each other. The antitrust and his kingdom will be risen .

I see in the cloud a charriot with horses going roundabout ., I see under the cloud there is this energy com I,g from bellowed

Then I saw a circle ( looket like saturn rings) moving backwards.

I see movement in the spirit swirling on the heavens, I saw a king ( Satán ) call and a snake came to his hand like a pet , then he Relese it send it to another place.

This one has a list of people and this scroll 📜 fit in his hand started to roll in. I saw a person I know being one in his list. I see the whirlwind moving forward.

That king had a 🐍 snake in his hand, some how link together.

I saw this king hand and a woman was brought before him by angels ( they looked like angels , ) . 😳 the king was petting the head of the snake.

I saw a young strong man escorting a prisoner, and a man in King attire got down some stairs sitted on a throne . ( the thron and king came down the stairs together ) he stop and point .

I saw a woman dancing and many gather on the walls , up high on the walls. ( Jerusalem).

I saw the hand holding a woman vearly dress on his palm.

Evertime I see him moving my stomach hurts. Then I see a dog in the spirit . ( I be lived it means occult involvement ).

I see a vial like a vaccine and my stomach crinch again .

I see hands holding someone , I see a man walking on soldier clothes.

Now I see the Holy Spirit Moving, moving through every Nation , on the earth pushing back darkness and even a big dragon in a city. , the Holy spirit went to islands, water, oceans, big cities, walls, moving swirling like a perfect storm pushing back darkness.

I see a very large man in Arab clothes ( in the spirit) he is taller than buildings and is going next to a church, or pulling a church (both spirit ) throug a city.

I see a dragon flying , all of a sudden the people below can see the dragon, they are like some sort of religious men ( not christian or jews ), they are scared.

Now the Holy Spirit takes me over mountains , I see some water, in a river a balsa and 2 men with facial hair in it. I see a dark demon pushing them ( I can see a dark claw like holding the back of the balsa) .

Now I see a soldier in Africa and principalities around him, I see a king behind a man , I see a black woman kneeling on the floor, she is skin and bones, so thin, she has no hair, kneeling on a road of dirt.

Now in another country I see a heavy man chewing something. Dress on a light suit and hat.

Now I see a man sitting on a street his back to a wall naked crouching, the Holy Spirit deliver him, there was an evil spirit in him. Like him many others were delivered by tve Holy Spirit, I fell asleep for many hours. Now when I woke up I could see a few rays of light coming through. Not as dark in the spirit.

I saw a woman standing next to a man of power. There was a snake behind the woman, the snake put the woman on his mouth and lick her, didn’t swallow her ( anointing her in his power) .

I saw an ángel, then he stop and hug a woman like an embrace, then they were standing on the cliff/rock and became part of it., then I saw many soldiers walking in darkness ( they were man carring swords and shields) , I saw the Lord reach one and stood in front of him and spoke to him, the rest turn and went to a different direccion.

I see water and a marine snake in it, but next to the water a cliff, the cliff open a door above the water and many I, hooded capes came out,walking above the water. I saw many soldiers on foot, others on horses and one carriage in the middle , then the hooded men were praying or chanting, and rose someone from the death. I see someone falling down, but keeps changing like if we’re many different people. I see lightning and more lighting, thunder.

I see light standing in the gap pushing the lands of every side away, the lands were very close but we’re separated by the light.

So much darkness all around is so hard to see. But I can see an army of horses and they all have white robes.

I see a black woman with very long hair stumbling as she walk in a poor neiborhoods in a big city.

I see a river of water below our feet. I see someone wearing jeans that have been patch or which in many places. And I heard in Spanish ” when she told me ” then I hear ” one question do you rinse “I saw a woman grabbing red tomatoes , then I heard ” because of these” and saw a man and a woman cooking in a kitchen.

I see someone in a charriot in white robes, I see a young teenager girl with many others dress in rags o filthy clothes, but I hear her said ” we wanted to get ready. So we read on some books “

I see an army entering a city, i6 see a few young men walking backwards, walking away, but not turning. I,saw a woman picking something from the floor. And said in Spanish ” this surprise fell down ” in a place that likes like ruins, deserted. “I am talking about doorknobs” felt so selfish.

And I see my husband walking to the kitchen with a plate on his hand.

I see a woman kneeling into another person’s property , she open a fence and entered. Then I went to bed.