I saw an angel

I saw an Angel releasing a net with rocks, then pull it up. Then I saw a multitude of 🐊 crocodiles .

I saw other angels being atack by multitude of spirits, animalistic spirits like a bull, fox, Wolf, Some times this Angels act as bait, then when the enemy attack, they cover the darkness , first it looks like the darkness is swallowing them, but is the contrary. Praise the Lord, I thank him for his mighty angels.

I keep seen this huge snake trying to uncoil and move forward, then the Holy spirit moves it backwards.

I saw this spirits releasing a virus, the Holy spirit send 7 waves os the Holy Spirit and contain it.

Keep praying for our liders in government, to be delivered, that they only hear God’s voice. That them and their families be protected, that we all stop arguing, but come together as a Nation alingn with the will of God all Mighty.

Keep interceeding and praying, and I decree and declare with all faith, Jesus is victorious, He shall not be moved, that is Glory will cover the earth, I bind all power of darkness that comes against humanity, Jews, Christians, even unbelievers, that the salvation is the Lord’s, his hand is not short that can not reach. No I,e is most powerful than The Lord of hosts. Let the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of God and His Messiah Yeshua.

I speak blessing over you , your home’s, your families, your neighbour’s, your cities, your state and Nation, the shalom of God be over America and Israel. Amen