Repent, prepare the way of the Lord

The Lord is been telling me we need to repent, for all our sins. I ask you Lord to forgive our sins, remove our pride, cleanse our heart, open our mind that we can understan your scripture.

I pray for proteccion over our president, your blessing and anointing over him, your proteccion, fire of heaven and angels surrounding him, you have chosen him from the womb , for this time and hour, he is fighting for our freedom , for truth, for the unborn, the pour, the sick and for Israel and America ( the Nation,) you have given him a mouth like a Holy trumpet, that speaks your truth with boldness, let the Lion of the tribe of Judah roar, you will help us oh Lord, you said we should not be in owe, pour out your water, your spirit in all our dry places, upon our president too. , and all of our Nation that we come down from high horses and unite as one Nation under God, you told me the prophets are not speaking the truth, they are saying what is in their heart, you want true repentance. So God I stand in the gap and ask let your Spirit pierce all our hearts, that we earnestly seek you. I bless you Lord and glorify you, for the honor and glory are yours. I come against the powers of levitian , mind controlling principalities over every joy,rain of influence, by your Holy spirit resureccion power, by the name of Jesus name above all name, though you father God to the pulling Down of strong holds, no weapon forge against the president, me or your remnant will prosper, every to,the that rises against us we condemn. You are victorious Lord Jesus, you said do for touch my anointed do not harm my prophets. Thank you God that you fight for us, with us and through us. Please let the church and everyone else examine our heart, and repent and come ask for your help and delivarence.