The Angels are coming…

The Angels are coming

First I saw one angel coming down, the atmosphere was black with evil spirits and snakes, the Angel spin and form a whirlwind when the snakes try to atack him they got sucked in , then the atmosphere was lighter in color. Then I saw a multitude of Angels coming Down from heaven and were helping people hide. First I saw a house very run down it had tall walls around it, someone came out and many hooded men got in to worship the enemy. Outside the walls there were some trees. Then the Anges guided people outside the walls and kept an eye to keep them safe, many women, and men passing even through the Angels that were defenders and hideing them from harm.

Then I saw Angels on the heaven pushing a sit or charriot then flying the charriot had someone in sitted on. I also saw men wearing white tunics being held by 2 angels and flying with them, was wonderful how this Angels with golden wings would partner with them and flew., I remember seen horses and men in armor on the horses this on the earth. I went to the bathroom, when I came back all I saw in the spirit it was dark, and remember seen some amulets or idols berried inside walls in the city. Then I fell asleep and before I woke up I saw a red chicken in my living room ( this is a tiny dream ) I notice it was going to lay an egg, I had a metal bowl in my hand and try to catch the egg so it would not fall on the floor, and it broke open, the egg inside look great, but it broke, I woke up. Went to cook and when I came back I saw an Angel, well it was not an Angel it went and sitted on a throne and turn into Satan, then I saw a snake spitting something ( witchraft) out of its mouth. As I ask the Lord for delicarence, Jesus took His hand and started to shine glorious light out of the wood of his hand. Praise God!