Binding levitian

I saw Angels binding several crocodiles mouths, then they took them into a pit, there was a big demon with horns , he became like a dragon o hydra many heads.

The enemy’s plan :

Then in a diferente place now I saw darkness all around , and a man with a crown, I saw a huge snake passing over the man touching the crown, ( giving it it’s anointing ), then a belt was put on the man and the snake pass over it again. ( I be live this is the antichrist chosen man who will rise up in the near future )

I saw a charriot going down a street , a street made of big stones. ,

Then I saw a man falling face down on a street,he look dead, behind his neck there was a crab as the crab move down the neck many dark spirits came out of the man and got into the wall next to where the man fell down. The wall was made of stone but had a face in it. When the spirits went in the face closed it’s mouth. I saw a man and a woman in armor kissing. Then I saw a huge evil army advancing, but the Holy Spirit push them back, out of that place.

Now God’s plan:

The Holy Spirit took me up and we stood in the gap between the second heaven and the earth, and the Holy Spirit looking like a huge Angel stood in the middle shining light. Then I saw a huge hand shining bright white light over the earth, and this dark spirit coming out of the earth being removed.

The enemy again: I sawa mouth blowing and a ball came out this ball was white but pass throu a line of principalities’ hands and became black.

God’s plans:

I see a huge army of white Angels with long beautiful wings and white robs coming down , I saw a huge hand shining light ( Jesús Hand) and an ángel coming out if his hand ( Glory Angels ) , then I saw an angel flitting in the air with an open umbrella , he had a stroller and a baby which was send down, through many angelic hands. Now I see a person beeping held on a hand, this man in white robs started to roll down through many angelic hands.

I see a rollercost but more than up and down it moved like a snake side to side. Now I see feet in chains, the chains are a snake ( like supperimposed), but the chains come off.

I see angels coming down , I see dark spirits in the land and the walls of a city, the walls are made of stone. Now I see angels removing crowns out of some people heads.

I see a huge snake coming out of a window but there is a small angel sitted on the snake , finally the snake face is close to the Angel , I believe the Angel bind its mouth.

I see a womans mouth in the spirit blowing and pushing a warrior back , I see 2 man working with piles of wood making a bench of 2 different piles of wood and I hear audibly ” you most be preocuoied”.

I see a pair of feet being wash and sandals put on , I hear people talking about another sickness, and I see a boil on someone’s forehead,

Then I see light brown jeeps going out the land. ,now I see a woman’s hand and in her hand a face of a man with a bear and glasses.

Then I see many bear feet in chains, and a cross outside where the prisoners are. I am going on a road and thuscthought came to my mind “the gallops” christians are going to be kill.

I see a place where only women are in but they act and dress as whores , and on a sofa one is laying down, but the sofa is at the same time thw mouth of a woman ( principality).

3 people in a room talking about security.

I see feet on chains walking on top of a tall wall.

I see an open book that is blank, nothing written on it.

And I hear ” and Let the peace of God, let it reign!” Then I saw dark shadows outside the walls, and a river beguining to run outside the walls. And I hear ” oh Lord of confort saturate my soul and let the peace of God, let it reign! “