I saw this morning the Lord open the heavens like a door, and there was great darkness outside, the apostols and angels kick. Some dark spirits that were outside the door, then light started to come Dow, , the, 2 sack large sacks filled were emptied down ( couldn’t tell what it was ) some sort of provision from the Lord for us.

Praise him! , then later I saw an Angel descending as from the door into a cliff that came from heaven. Then I saw a pair of gigantic hands closed like in prayer, then open and this dove ( Holy Spirit ) flew and drop fome pellets that were like a bomb of Holy Spirit and return to the hand , over and over, the pellets blew and dispersed the darkness. Wow, so wonderful is our God.

Then later I saw a very large figure in white robes taller than buildings, walking in a big city where there were cars driving. God is on the move, praise him for He fights for us. !