I saw last evening

I saw last evening as I seek God, first I was listening to Jennifer Le Claire and the Lord showed me the enemy trying to kill her, so I prayed until that curse or asigment got broken, The Lord showed me the enemy trying to bind our president, so I paid to break the cords ( it was a pyton ) got removed by the Holy Spirit, I prayed for his proteccion. Then the Lord showed me the enemy entering a nation, América , I prayed teaming with the Holy Spirit, his Angels and the enemy was pushed backwards and the Holy Spirit rebuild the wall that had been broken. Praise God!

Then the Holy Spirit got me on a horse he was with me and there were a multitude of Angels and saints on horses on the wall and city . Let this be oh Lord a reality on America.

He took me Up on the heavens. And I saw a snake throwing a ball of fire from her mouth, and it was a horse and a rider, the Holy Spirit send it backwards into the snake’ s mouth.

Then I went to eat when I came back the horseman was riding across  the heavens, the Holy Spirit took a charriot and persue it, and froze it on mid air.

I saw this woman and a man on a charriot throwing a ball ( 2 demonic powers I principalities ) and it was a sort of a drill, then another to break the wall that was repairs by the Holy Spirit, but we broke it, send it back.

Then we went to a rock / cliff with cascading waters and angels and saints. And the Holy Spirit was removing any hint of sin or spot, flesh on the saints, making them white and shinny.

Later I saw the enemy’s plan to have the world and this nation and total darkness, people worshiping a man and being attack with snakes spirits like a plague, the snake would go in their hearts and they will fall down in agony. So I prayed and prayed for delicarence. Father let the plans of the enemy be utterly destroy, shame and confusion upon the enemy, the terror of God upon our enemies Lord. In Jesus Might Name.

I woke up and lisent to Lance Wallnu, beautiful worship and comunion, we prayed for America, we repented of sin. We made a new covenant with our God through Jesus blood when we took comunion. Beautiful ! The Lord showed me the enemy try to make his mind hazy, we break that assignment of the enemy in Jesus name, father I pray for delicarence and proteccion over your servant Lance Wallnu. In Jesus name.

I went to sleep and when walk I took comunion and prayed, the Lord release an Angel with a Mighty sword and shinning light down. i see someone with a beautiful white tunic and a Mighty sword coming down from heaven, more angels coming down. Praise God.