I saw a carriage coming down, pass a bridge and enter in some gates, then the Gates closed.

I saw a demonic spirit overcome a eaychet on a tower. , I saw a lion following a watcher on the tower , the Lion came out going backwards, now I see a hand shining light from, the palm .

Saw Jewish women praying at the wall.

I saw a very large king full of light removing demonic powers from the walk , from the people, from the land , dry out some water, cast out marine spirits , cast out of people in high places ( people of power) , and even a dragon came out of a building and bow down. , now the Holy Spirit is removing walls that separated the Holy Spirit and the people and cleansing everything , so.e people were made to leave, then everything was made new, remake by the Holy Spirit, some mountains rose up from valleys, other mountains became vallies.

I saw a snake in a man’s throne there was a congregation of Catholic people.

Then I saw two Jewish men talking.i see a snake like dragon around the neck of someone and cats, and a wound or opening in that person’s neck. I saw the Holy Spirit broke down the darkness.

I saw the pope dancing with a demon or spirit power or principality.

I saw a man in black like a motorbiker stealing a bride, and a white man on a white horse perusing them.

I went to pick up a catalog that had Easter eggs chocolates for sale, I look at them, but knowing better didn’t bought any.

As soon as I sitted on my chair I saw the Lord picking chocolates I had just seen and said, I didn’t know the Easter bunny died for your sins and the sins of the world, not audible but is my heart. You are making a mockery of my sacrifice.

I started to repent is Jesus who died for us, we mixed our Christian beliefs  with pagan idolatry of the eggs, why do we believe the lies of the enemy, making it harmless, is not. Is an insult to our savior and redimer. Our God.

I saw a book being open .

Hen I saw a beast coming out of Building then many Christian men and women were kill, this marries had a cross spiritually inside of them.

I saw I saw demonic powers or spirits attach to people heads ,,not letting them think clearly, or godly. Like mind controlling their thought, making them do bad things, make wrong choices.

I saw a man walking and a snake behind him stole something from his back pocket ( it was a tiny angel ) .

I saw a man driving and a snake behind him ( antitrust spirit ).

I saw a carriage padding and people walking on the road, everything looks dark ( spiritual darkness) .,

A snake and a crocodile fighting. I saw charriot going in a city. But the Holy Spirit send them backwards.

Saw in charriot prisoners bound and in pain , the prisoners thrown on a pit , spirits swallowing other spirits , got stranger.

Then I saw a woman on a charriot given an egg the egg had a small dragon that grew very fast when this snake coil around it. Then it got small again but had more than one head . I believe 3 heads it fitted in the palm of her hand. I see a scepter or sword handle and a snake coil in it.

I see God’s eye moving, like rotating, the Holy Spirit is bellow it and water started to cascade from the eye, now behind the cascading water there is a rockcliff, and an angel comes down from the rock pass through the water and steps into light that is shining down.

I see people on one side and a very thin Vail , almost like thin water wall dividing , on the other side animals roaring, bear, panther,snake, some looking like people.

Angels come down to help the people and hold onto the snake that has been riding the Saints hands , now I see the Lion of the tribe of juda guiding the people , angels and cloud of witness, moving together toward a mountain.

I see a woman Rudi,g a horse , an angel rides next to her and another warrior behind her in the same horse, partnering together, tben we see a dragon lying on the ground , it rises up as we come near, we cast him out , he goes backwards, it freeze, then un freeze, then we do it again.

Then I see an Angel, the Lord, a Saint, a Lion and the Holy Spirit merging into one making a stronger warrior.

I see a huge face and mouth blowing then I see people bowing down and a woman teaching them how to pray .

Now I see a horsecridding with a soldier or super warrior shining light against the enemy.