I saw a demon ..

A saw a demon pricing his hand with his claw, as if trying to imitate Jesus nail wounds. Then from that this darkish ( not light ) came out and a snake from it .

As I worship the Holy Spirit push dark,was with ease.

Then I turn on tv and this woman preacher was teaching, the Holy spirit showed me the darkness in her and she had a claw trying to pirce her neck, so I prayed and the Lord delivered her.

I S saw a mouth open snd those charriot came out, as I worship and prayed, the Holy Spirit send them back.

I saw the demon that had pirce his hand , was releasing sneaks out in the atmosphere, but Jesus Hand was shining light opposite of it and the whirl wind of the Holy Spirit push back the darkness back,into the opening of the hand of the demon.

Praise God. ! I saw a man possessed was climbing down a wall and had this marine octopus spirit, then I saw there were demonic guardians invaded on the walls .

I saw a charriot flying and getting in the city , then this huge king shinning light for. His hand a,d removing demonic powers from the walls. There were women praying at the wall. , the demons and spirits came out of everyone and bow down. , some mountains are form from valley, some mountains become valleys, and everything gets rebuild by the Holy Spirit.