God’s plan

I saw God making a covenant with πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ America ( the Nation, no the Continent ).

God showed me how the white house is full of light, they are in covenant with God, we just need the rest of the people to get on board.

I saw after the renewal of the covenant with our God and the Nation of America the Lord freed children, youth and older people be deliver from evil spirits, He washed them and cleanse them and set them free , even those who were on the earth before, this was strange to see people ( their bodies were dig out by the Holy Spirit, cleans of evil and hurried back ) I had never seen o heard something like that. , then every principality, demonic spirits, etc, were arrested by Angels and taken into captivity , then The Holy Spirit cleansed the land too, then the air , all power of darkness wad removed too. The Holy Spirit and Angels brought all demonic powers to a very long pit, more like a large and big crack on the earth and put them in.

Then I saw 2 hands opposite of each other one light one darkness , the dark one was removed.

Then I saw a woman’s feet , her shakles were removed and put on beautiful wedding highhill shoes .

Now I see a huge army, but they were not fighting, they were working together on the land , I saw a mountain and behind it the Eye of God watching, πŸ‘€, then I saw a Rider on a white horse, then a tear from the eye of God came out, ( tear of joy ) , many charriot followed , then I saw a whirlwind on the land , then I saw the Lord Jesus bigger than life ( gigantic) compared to the armies , He got low lo touch his people , I saw His hand and white tunic when he touch some of the army people. Then the Holy Spirit took me up where there were Angels on the cliff/rock to enter the heavens. Now I see a huge army next to the rock , I saw the army moving like One and sounding the trumpet , the Lord became transparent and the army was passing through Him ( He was there with his army all part of Him ) the soldiers salute the Father God that was on a charriot , The father was conversing with an Elder , then they moved away on the charriot .

And I saw a bride and groom dancing in a place that look like Jerusalem , then a place with pools and vases of water cascading down from high up to down on the land, then I saw a pot of flowers in the corner of a house, I see paved streets , paved stones of terracota color and a house with an arch entrance. I see 2 shaking hands and light, I see an opening on a Rock and water flowing out side the opening, like a river running outside the opening or cave. Now the Holy Spirit takes me in the rock , inside I see a man and a woman , but the woman became a multitude of women ( she was the bride , the women the church all of us ) , all talking and working together in harmony , love and peace.

I saw some men working carring banquets in the rock, others on the river fishing , this peace sensation all over.

Someone had a broken potter vessel and supernaturaly got fix. I saw this rock/cliff and this head came through, was the Lord, he pick out to talk to someone, but went through the rock , like if in the new Jerusalem or heavenly Jerusalem you could go through objects. , I see people in a long hallway and this Rabbi but He had a crown was teaching the people., then I saw others with different crowns, the food appeared, they ate or drink , the drinks stay floating on air, didn’t fall down. I saw a book being open and an Angel with a trumpet 🎺, then men coming down the stairs, then a large group of women with capes standing at the rock, next to them something moving in the air, the women went into the rock just though it. ( I can not stop smiling every time I think about it ) .

I see 2 heads touching for head to forehead, is God Father and the Lord Jesus, they are talking and in the eye of the Father there are tears , then they separate their forheads or moved apart. Now I see a bride and groom kissing .

I see women coming out of the rock , then I saw the land shaking , someone very large came out of the rock and went to a different area.

I see another house this house is white has flowers in the upper window. Some women walking on the street , they are wearing hats, as they turn the corner they became about 11 years old, I see horses walking on a narrow street getting into the stable, just like people going through the rock , I see I rabbi o Jew man with his prayer shawl, and other people around , when they get into their houses the doors desapeared. And in the morning they appeared again. Staircases appeared as people need to go down from a higher level.

I See women kneeling and doing something with their hair in a water hole. I saw horses and charriot without drivers.

I see an Angel flying above and brought a message to someone. I saw vineyards, and 2 grownup women taking care of children . the buildings and earth moved closer or farther as needed. Then men brought a big scroll that seem to get longer and heavier as they walk almost like they needed more men to take the scroll upstairs to a room in front you could see a smoky mountain .

I saw a big hand with a diamond wedding ring.

I saw women’s feet, their toenails change in color, and putting on shoes , some sandals, some fancy, then I saw a woman dancing, most women had their heads co Dr with scarfs or shawls, some women carried children in their arms or hips. , others carried baskets of bread , everyone busy.

After a long time then I saw a snake, huge coming out of a rock, it pass through water and on the street, people were on the rock going in or hiking up on the rock.

The snake came to temp the people , some got lazy, sleepy, angry, as the snake move started to put a wheel in motion, sin came back , some got fat, proud, vain, drunk slandered, and levitian the crocodile came back. , some beautiful femenine women became masculine . Then I saw the heaven open and lightning came down. Then a Nool got opened , people had shackles , God shone his light and the shakles broke off, the earth shook , the snake vomited the people, the people were on their knees repenting, there were spirits clinging on some people , I hear people speaking in Spanish ( just because that is my native language , so I understand what they say ) ” I have discover that ” . then I saw this huge hand picking up the 🐍 snake and made it release poison on a vile,

I hear ” el desea encontrar las buenas noticias para las nuevas experiencias ” he desire to find the good news for the new experiences” , now is like the snake is swallowing people , I see the snake between water, water above and below.

” I will find a person that will leave you in charge”

” did you shower ? Give your body some pleasure”

“This is how the classes are ” then I saw a mother , that was hidding bruses given by her husband from her kids. ” what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t put up with this beatings ” ” look at those houses, observe ” just conversations of people ( sinners) I see an Angel of God pouring out a cup

I geared ” it would be better if she left with him ” ” it seems it has to be real ” I see spirits on people skin, I see a woman with a spirit of harlotry , the spirit trying to make her open her legs, then she is crying. And then other spirits, one like a lizard join and get in her., demonic spirits licking her ad she sleeps, then she is found in the streets where she is working ad a prostitute, and the things she did became increasingly worse.

I heared ” you are going to wake up the others “

“I hear the voice of a woman, she sounds despered ” is not like that with you ”

Violence, I see a demon talking to older people.

Some people coveting a house. ,they are watching a woman with her babies swimming in a pool.

The snake gets in the pool, the woman has many sexual partners, and she becomes obses with her looks, and ignores her kids, all kinds of animalistic spirits. I fell asleep and woke up with praise in my head . in the dream I saw vultures around America’s hedge of protection,. Then I saw the enemy breaking in with an army, as I prayed and worship , I repented for the sin in my life, my family, city, nation, I saw the Gates were repaired by the Holy Spirit and cover with the blood of Jesus . As I worship and spoke in tongues , and sound a shofar, the Angels came , The Lord enter and step in the gap shinning light. I see the Glory of God , God’s angels , and God’s light casting out darkness, even on people. I saw people speaking in tongues and Angels behind them . I saw Angels dancing in a circle and the eye of God shining light and getting between this 2 dark hands pushing them back .

I pray Mighty God that your perfect will for this nation and the world be done, align us with your will and purpose and forgive all our sin, in Jesus Mighty Name.

As I prayed so more, I saw the covenant between Satan and earth got broken, I kept on interceeding and saw this dark horses being stopedcand pushed back by the Holy Spirit, then the Lord erased tbe accusations on the book, and the enemy covenants were broken.