The vision continues…

I saw a big city and the spirit of antichrist was there in the air, and principalities talking to people, almost like clouding their minds so they could only hear the voice of the enemy , they cause a group to get together, there was a loser and they got on a snake/dragon train , as if there were riding on it.

I saw a huge army of Angels , light of God, people in the spirit fighting against the enemie’s army.

I see just the body of someone full of light ( the Lord or Holy Spirit ) on a book walking step into cascades and then a river of water.

I saw a man with a good pretending to be good and full of light , it has a spirit like a lion, but Holt Spirit reveal it was not a lion, it was a snake, it had a turtle too, then snake vomited and the man came out of the snake lying down and the darkness in the man left him , it remind me a few weeks ago I saw Angels force a snake to vomit a man and a woman, and restrain the snake and as they lay unconscious in the ground the darkness departed from them, like if a dark veil was removed from them.

I saw the Lord’s arm full of light and released a weapon that swallows darkness and breakes it apart, a big cloud of darkness in small pieces. I saw 2 dark shapes being broken and swallowed by this weapon, until they were completely gone. And all that remain was light.

I saw the spirit of Death got into a house and came out with a young man in his arms.

I pray I Lord cover this and every other house of your children with the blood of the lamb, Holy Spirit put your anointing oil in every door and window that death pass over our homes.

I saw darkness on one side and on the oposit side one man with 2 big strong dogs. , the darkness had animalistic spirits in it, a bear, wolves,. Then I saw a man on the floor with a knife in him and a dark shadow beside him , a foot with no sandal where the man stood.

And as I am writing this I pray to The Lord to cover this young man with the blood of Jesus, Your word says The gates of he’ll will not prevail against us, that you have given your angels charge over us to keep os in all our ways, and that

every first born belongs to you. I pray and every Christian and Jewish males and females be cover by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name, that the plans of the enemy against the children on GOD be turned into foolishness, Holy Spirit lift a standard against the plots of the enemy, tbe word of God says we abide under the shadow of the all Mighty, that the male that breaks the womb belongs to the Lord, that every soul belongs to God. I pray the coverture of the blood of Jesus over every one of God’s children, our doors and windows. Amen

I see a big white house with some columns in the front , the house is lighted with heavenly light ( I be live is the white house) but passing the front steps an opposing spirit of darkness that look like a man bust ( head and shoulders ) of stone, and behind it so much darkness.

Father I pray protect the president and vice president of this Nation, One nation under God as you intended, protect them and this Nation and the covenant that we have made with you God, make the enemy or opposition be broken by four rod of iron, by the glory of the Lord, by the blood of Jesus and by your Holy Spirit. Let your kingdom of righteousness, love, peace, be establish in this Nation once more, forgive our sins, of past presidents, or our law makers , establish your kingdom on America once more. Let the Blood of Jesus testify on our belhalf, and protect you anointed and his household, for the sake of our children and the kingdom of the Lord.

I saw hands chasing ( as in making a deal or covenant ) between demonic forces and earth.

Father God In Jesus’ name I break the power of darkness and witchcraft , and every pact made with the enemy. Forgive our sins, trangresions, iniquity, I repent on belhalf of the people of this nation , forgive us, deliver us, let the Blood of Jesus wash us clean, testify and sikence any acusation and legal right and pact that the enemy has against us, Let the all consuming fire of your Holy Spirit burn any pact done between earth and the demonic. Give a verdict on our belhaf, I pray.

I won’t be writhing my prayers, but the Holy Spirit just reveal to me to pray against the plans of the enemy, when he shows this is for us as the body of Christ to make the hedge of proteccion with our prayers.

I saw a woman with a head covering and a cross on her neck , walking on a big hand, and another ( like a line of big hands sustaining her or lifting her up )then she walk on the sleeve of this arm up an on the side of the Man sitted, there was one man praying with his head on the floor, making intercession.

I saw a man and he had an evil spirit attach to him , the Holy Spirit urge me to speak ” let my people Go, says the Lord ” I release the hand of the Lord to shine light on him ” the demonic spirit left.

I saw