The Lord is been showing me many things

Sometime last week I saw Angels guiding people in a narrow path in the wilderness.

To beguin with today is March 23th, 2020., the darkness in the spirit is extreme, The Lord ask me to get on my knees and intercede.  We are getting close to Passover or Easter, the Lord told me to repent, we had mix pagan believes, with the suffering of Jesus Christ on Calvary cross , He died a horrible painful death for the salvation of the world, but take it personal, for your salvation or mine, The Lord is coming soon, we need consacration, going back to more Holy and pure Judo-christian beginnings. Yes Jesus and the apostols were Jewish ( worshipers of God ) , and now we are adopted son’s by the grace and Blood of Jesus. Do not keep making a mockery of God’s must precious gift, the sacrifice of his only begotten son, to ransom us.  If we do repentance, change our ways, seek God sincerely, He will hear our plead, and answer with in a mighty way, passing pass over. Keep you faith, your hope, your joy in the Lord, keep your eyes on Him , He is the only way, the truth and the Life.

I saw another group of people comiting sexual sin, but I saw the Hand of the Lord picking them up one by one and shining light on them ( remember by his wounds/stripes we have been heal ). Then Angels hands started to pick up people ( this time christians) whole families. Then I saw what looked like a wedding.

I also was shown a naked woman for an instant.

Then I saw Angels coming down from heaven as a result of prayer and supplication.

I saw a woman with a crown being arrested , and her crown removed.

I saw Angels surrounding this darkness , another Angel ridding a horse coming down a mountain.