On March 20th/2020

I saw open land with homes, people running getting inside, and a dragon , I saw supernatural light shining from above over a person who was running . Then I realized there were many dragons, but the Holy Spirit zoom me in and I saw principalities ridding on their backs as if they were flying horses.

I felt the Holy Spirit was pushing back, the dragons kept moving forward , then The Lord Jesus showed his hand , and from the pricing light was gloriously shining against the dragons , they were so small compare to the Lord’s hand. The light pushed the dragons back.

I saw the Lord holding someone in the palm of his hand , light was shining and cleansing him. Then I saw water coming down from God’s eye washing his people. Then I saw the face and hand of the Lord for a moment, then an Angel coming down from God’s eyes. Then I saw a person in a big hand and WA brought close to the mouth, the mouth blew upon that person. Breath of life !

Then The spirit showed me God can see everything any where all the time. I saw 2 black women inside a church.

Then he showed me the area where I live, there is an elementary school with a park in it from an areal view.

I see a pact between the demonic and the earth , someone powerful on the earth. I stared to pray to revoque and break the pact, to forgive the sin that put this people in blindness and harden their hearts. , the Lord shows me a cap (hat) with a red and white sparkling letters inside an oval emblem on the hat. I didn’t recognize it.

I saw a young woman with a skirt above he knees sitted with her legs open and a young man by her side on her left, I hear ” they are taking about cheating, ” oh come on, let’s go”.,thenI see a right leg with a shoe , and the shoe is removed.

I we shown a woman bending pacing something up.

I see a man running ,he is wearing a hoods tunic like a monk. The tunic is brownish greenish reaching the steps of a place in the county side, and telling another monk something.

I see the Lord shining light to the earth,he has the earth on the palm of his hand.

I see a dragon/snake coming on a warrior with a sword, the Holy Spirit is reverseing it, uncoilingthe snake, until it send it off, backward. , the enemy retreated.

Hen I saw the Lord holding a pearl o, his hand. Then the Lord was shining light from his hand toward the earth, the enemy trying to lock it.