Warning plan of the enemy

Warning plan of the enemy. First I spend yesterday and today y prayer and worship, the war in the spirit is extremely intense these days.

I have not finish checking all my notes.

One think I saw was The pope is the false prophet, wants to unite the church , Catholic and Christians of other denomination, not what God wants. He was dancing after shaking hands with other religious liders.

Then O saw a snake entering a christian church and corrupting everything, like putting a spell or poison in the air, every one there was polluted, then I saw a man on black ( July at the body on a motorcycle, and behind him a bride, and then the Lord chasing his bride on a white horse.

When you hear your pastors want to join with the pope, change churches, we are one body of Christ, The LORD knows the people heart, his plan is to unite us in love and deeds not in one church following the false prophet. He has a plan to save all his children.