The enemy plans, the Lord moves

Last night I saw the enemy as a man in a charriot parading. the people in the crowd got completely bind, tangle,and bound in bandages., also the ones in the charriot, the enemy wants to bind and blind the people in the nations.

At first I saw rain, light and a hand pouring out seed, but later I saw another hand sawing seed and demons disguise as angels , the Holy spirit reveled they were in disguise. I saw dead and other demons.

I remember the story of the man who sow good seed, at night the enemy sawed bad seed.

I saw that it  brought lost in humans , sexual immorality , orgies, same sex unions, etc.

I saw the binded multitud, they got blind too, there was gross darkness in the atmosphere, then the Mighty Holy Spirit pushed back the horses and charriot of the enemy, they all fell down and couldn’t get up, they were pushed backwards.

I saw the enemies wheels turning and hear arguing ,  discontent in marriages, so I decree and declare Jesus is victorious, I release the spirit of peace, unity and love, reconciliation over every marriage in America and the Nations. God intended marriage to be Holy onto God , men and women, one flesh in Jesus Name.

This afternoon I was shown the eye of the Lord, a whirlwind in the tunnel below , I saw clouds and above the clouds a mountain , on top of the mountain I saw a shining man sitted on the throne, light was shining from above to him , and from him to a different direccion, I saw from heaven falling glorious light and 2 shining men like spirits coming down followed by many angels, I saw 3 men with light on their heads and a prayer shawl , they got into a train cart ( like coal train carts). And the carts move forward.

The Holly Spirit falling down as waves over me ,  I saw a hand writhing, ( this is the Lord telling me to write ) so I got my pen and paper, I see water and oil been pour out over me, the veil is like water, the Lord is walking above me, I see the ripples that form when the Lord walks.

I saw The Lord’s right hand shining light through his wound .I see a platform of rock and clouds , water pouring out from it , and angels on the clouds all around., the cloud was moving , I see from above the cross and someone (Jesus) carring it, then it turn into Jesus as King , there was an angel before and behind him.

I see this light falling on the the people on the land in rays of light and waves of the Holy Spirit too, from above I see this men with straw hats doing something with their hands bending like touching their feet, but without bending the knees,( like when you see Chinese rice workers on the fields in movies ) , then what they were doing began to raise and floated up .( I could not see clearly what they were making.

I see a small woman kneeling in the hand of an angel or God’s. That angel put that person in a group of people and the cross was there.

I saw Jesus carring the cross passing through every person on the multitud.( In the spirit) I saw the enemy in snake like rows and merging with the water, that was coming down from above. I see the angels of God pushing the demons backwards , I see angels waking in the multitudes of people and the cross was there. I see a multitude some in light some in darkness, trying to rotate and move forward, but colliding with each other, I saw the light breaking the darkness into chunks, then I saw one man with light trying to move at unison with other men together in a spiral and succeed. ( that normally represents a stairway to heaven like Jacob’s ladder, or opening a gate and moving forward ) I see the wind moving forward fast , more like passing real Y fast as the spirit of God and I travel. I saw the enemy trying to release a ball of fire or energy , and as I prayed the Holy Spirit lift up a standard and send it backwards. ( speaking the word of God makes things happens in the spirit, this is how we partner with angels and the Holy Spirit )

I saw the spirit of God as light , and went into different nations , I saw water too.( as water and light together ) .and I saw angels dancing with joy.

I saw a dark cloud, above light shining, the light pass over the dark cloud and shone the light to a large tall wall, this seem to me like the temple in the mount in Jerusalem, the temple was cover in darkness, and it broke the dark cloud above it.

I went to eat, I came back to my praying chair , I saw angels releasing a spider like insect on people with great darkness. I see the whirlwind of God (Holy Sprit) moving a a mighty storm hovering and moving , I saw people washing in a waterhole or small pond , the water started to desapeared.

Then I saw a horse and a dark cloud.

I saw the Lord Jesus on the head of a bed , He was healingand released little angels on woman lying in a bed as she slept. then she sit up and put on sandals , her sandals are removed and something like a skin. Was removed too, then I saw the many waves of the Holy Spirit falling down on her. , then I saw the Lord’s feet above me ,the cliff below him is an extension of him , then I saw a supernatural door open and enter in the spirit, others too, inside the rock I looked out and I saw an elegant young woman standing outside a charriot entering passing through angel guards , we kept moving forward and she was riding or controling the horses, we went down to meet on earth with other men and woman in a  wooden cart charriot., ( like some saints in the cave meeting the Saints in the earth ) Something was changing in the atmosphere , now we go up again toward the eye of God. And I see the right arm of God shining light and gesturing to come in. I see the Lord Jesus as a King carring his bride , now we are coming down to the earth moving fast then stopping and going backwards .  when we were wack I saw a book been opened and pages flipped, in heaven, The Holy Spirit is here and I see a group of angels and people coming down from the rock on a ☁ cloud, there were menu entering the cliff, with it shoes, there were given sandals, then the sandals removed and the Holy spirit remove this thin layer of darkness ( like removing a thin veil)  and then we send one way. The eye of the Lord was there and the Lord Jesus standing as if He was protecting the kingdom .we ( Holy Spirit and I )  saw a ball of light dropdown into the darkness , it had saints in it, then another , I saw a charriot with 6 horses and a truck with caterpillar kind of wheels ( like those in war tanks ) running toward it on the side,it would have colaid with the charriot but the modern truck was lifted up and flew above up.,

Saw a big monster in darkness like a gigant Pillsbury Doug monster but black , trying to smash the light with his hands, I see an angel shining light at the ankles and the dark gigant crumple down when the feet were cut off by the light.

I see a gigant white man with a bear, there was a little angel saunding a trumpet, but he had a horn on his side of the forehead ( I am only seen him from the right side),driving a charriot.( I have the feeling is a bad guy ),  then I see another area I see the Holy Spirit with angels charging., on the other side, the men with the horn began. To  sit at a throne, when he did. I saw like he was possessed by 2 spirits. , then it turn into rock/ statue, moving and trying to kill whoever was on his path.

I saw people bowing down and from those a dragon spirit came out. I saw a hand made the dragon spirit turn into a small dragon on his hand. A if a pet. Then I saw the Lord in shining white on a horse shooting arrows , they got engage in battle. Then I see a claw behind the bad guy on the throne that became like a statue.the claw open a cortain and released some warriors.

Then a chest and scroll appears, don’t know where it came from.

I see the Holy Spirit filling the atmosphere. And the Eye of God watching.

I see a book open and millions of saints walking on the book , Jesus ( who open the book ) the little people in his hands, arms , as one with Jesus ( did not saw his face ) He was clothed in shinny white , the little people all wearing white, shields, swords, and sandals, well the full armor. I saw the man standing cover from head to toes with little saints on him., now arriving Angels on horses as big as the man on white ( is the Lord Jesus ) . I see legs moving like socket players in the field, like little girl ballerinas dancing, others have dress shoes, I see people dancing and worshiping, I see the Glory of God shining , the death rise in the fields and come alive to flight too, ( now with new clean bodies ) , little kids jumping up and down.

I see an angel rolling a silky cloth ( like a carpet roll ) down the mountain. Then I see a beautiful Jewish woman dancing with streamers, then she is grab and they removed her clothes and make her kneel, I saw a snake and realized, he was going to devour her, I start praying, binding the snake, pleading Jesus blood over the woman, and many spirits came out of her, then the angel of the Lord appears and rescues her get up the hill and hide Herbert to him , The angel has his sword on his hand, then (in the spirit I was in the courts of heaven and plead her case), ( I believe she represents the beloved of the Lord , Israel ) , I was shown serpent eggs, I ask the Lord if it was ok to Relese the Eagles of the Lord to destroy the snakes and nests, and saw a verdict, when I was brought down saw many eagles, then I saw the woman, the serpent coil at her waist opening her jaws, I said The Lord rebukes you Satan, and commanded her to let her go, still didn’t wantv to, I call on the Holy spirit and his angel of the Lord rescues her grabs and that did it. He grabs

the snake head and shut it and remove it from the woman. At that point I realised it was Purim,( and hit me the woman was Israel the Nation.)

One thought on “The enemy plans, the Lord moves

  1. Good Morning Bea! You’ve definitely had some interesting visions lately. I was thinking I could help you with spelling and grammar if you wanted me to before you actually post them to your blog. Please understand that I’m not criticizing you at all Bea. Just would like to help because some things you write are hard to understand because of misspelled words or how you communicate. You do a really good job considering that English is not your natural language. I could help you make it easier for a reader to understand if you would like. Please do not take any offense Bea. Some of the things written I don’t understand and I think if we talked about them, I could help you communicate clearly what you saw in a way that makes it easy to understand. I could be your editor, lol!Anyway Bea, have a blessed day and I look forward to your thoughts.Blessings and much love to you sister!Jon


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