Abortion must stop says the Lord

Abortion most stop says the Lord, I hear those words from God in 2017,3 years later only a few states have pass a law to stop abortion at the first heartbeat.

Last night about 2 in the morning the Holy Spirit showed me a carriage and the people in it were speaking, then all the people around them became bonded by bandages or cords and even their eyes, the same for those in the charriot.

Then I saw the Holy Spirit pushing back charriot and horses of the enemy , they fell down to the ground and were push backwards.

I saw the enemy wheels turning ( there were snakes in it ) I started to hear couples married fighting.

Church time to rise pray, declare that marriage is a union between 1 men and. 1 woman bless by God to become one flesh and be fruitful ( bear children). Intercede for families as God created, and bless God for families, married couples, and their seed.

Then the Holy Spirit took me to a place full of people, some kings and skins, opulent, but if you look clearly, was full of sexual immorality, dark spirits and witchcraft hiden inside the wood , in carvings, inside vades, secret rooms. the Holy Spirit of God showed me a bag with babies skulls, first, I thought to pray to burn the witchcraft, He said no, look, and My heart was convicted, I had the revelation of this altar to the enemy, killing God precious children, I repented and began to cry. It has to stop!.

My heart was broken for a second with a pain I never felt before. We need intercesors prayer and to support all the movements that stop abortion. Like Hart 2 beat, I believe is the name, keep repenting for this abomination, is not about what is convenient for me, is about we have had an altar that kills innocents. Life is sacred belongs to God. What are you going to do about this commandment from God. You shall not kill! This has to stop!

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