I saw the Holy Spirit hoovering like a Mighty Storm

I saw the Holy Spirit Hoovering over the earth as a Mighty Storm, cascades of water and the Glory of God falling down, harvest crops, angels , and people being transformed , some young women were swirling , as they swirl their clothes became white, and then vanished, other people that stayed, walking and getting together and comforting each other, I saw a huge roch/cliff, many charriot coming down from heaven , a Mighty cloud of armies, water covering the earth, in an spiritual way, the Holy Spirit took me through the ocean , I saw water drying out, people coming together and walking together, I saw a carriage arriving at some place, they were hugging each other and look kind and happy, so glad to see each other, all wearing white clothes. I saw the Holy Spirit moving forward as a Mighty force , then creating a tunnel of a sort of forcefield, angels were there too, moving across mountains and forest.

I saw a person walking next to water , her shoes came off, then she was lifted up in the air and her feet were being washed. I saw grass, then as if the Holt Spirit as a small windshield uproot it, it became a young man with grass or plants in his pants, then a group of young men, kids they look like captives.

Many people crossing the water, and arriving at a cliff , the beach beneath was rocky, they look so happy to make it.

I saw the Holy spirit making a path through the rock , it became an area that had river rocks and then water started to flow down and run forming a river , I saw four men sitted ay water , they were radiant, shining light , then I saw the eye of God and water cascading from a cave in the cliff and from the top of the mountain. I saw water going back to the sea , from the big cliff beach , back to the sea.

I saw water residing and the Land coming together fittin perfectly like a puzzle piece.

I saw a dragon, and an army coming agains the rock , this was spiritual then in the natural. I saw a man like the pope, and some people saying how great was his anointing ( not greater than God’s I say ),

I saw the glory of God pushing back darkness, and people in blackhoods, there was a change in the atmosphere, then chariots and dark armies , I saw later mighty armies from heaven coming down, as I was waiting to see God’s moved I fell asleep.

I was waken up by demonic warfare stocking me as I slept, I did spoke God”s word and cry out to my God for my defense, and after a while I saw his mighty angels stopping torpedos coming against me, the Angels took over the battle, I went back to sleep, in God’s proteccion. God and his Christ reigning the heavens and the earth forevermore, from everlasting to everlasting. Jesus reins forever !!!

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