Plans from the enemy, plans from God and a dream about trust in God

The Lord showed me a Christian falling down into the hands of the enemy for sifting, the man had a cross in his torso inside of him which ment was a Christian, then as we fall in different hands , he became like flour or sand passing through a softer or colander, then I saw the enemy planning to kill and bleed the Christians, they were in an assembly line in a conveyer belt, some would died, some would not, but then I saw them in the hands of the enemy going back to the hands of angels and how in the hands of the lord, they kneeling all of the darkness on them was strip away, and only light came from them, that gave me hope and joy.

Later the Lord showed me He was standing in the Gap and a multitude of angels came in and fill the mountains, was a bred taking scenery.

Later I saw the Lord getting on a horse and coming down , He stop by a cliff, and the people in the cliff o maintain came out and became part of the army, then as they descended I also saw an open heaven from below and a dark cloud carring a box and there were 2 angels one in front one behind.

Then I saw the Lord in a charriot and it had many banners, was beautiful , and women lower cheering in expectation and exitemnt, I saw man going up with angels to join him.

I later saw as the Lord came down on the sly He was joined by a beautiful bride, and they kiss.

Later I saw a person o,white going up stairs on a temple and all this shadows moving ad He walk up. Also from above light from the father God that was sitted on a throne, I could see the legs sitted on the thro,e and this incredible light shining down.

God is good, triumphant and no one can compare to him.

I was concerned about not having enough roo. To store food and water for the coming faming, how was I going to feed my family or others, then I fell asleep and I was on,my car and it started to drive backwards next to other parking cars, I was not I, co,troll of the car, but O never crash, then I hear a voice ” are you thinking what I am thinking”. Then I woke up. I ponder about it, then it hit me “trust in the Lord” He multiplied the bread and fishes, He fed the Hebrews when they were in the wilderness for 40 years, I started to laugh, God is in control, I am not driving the car, He is. And he is all Mighty, when his Glory come down we will multiply the food for He abides in us, and we’ll. Walk on his glory fill off his spirit, to do great exploits, He is in control. Amen

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