I saw the Hand of the Lord an in His hand there was an angel warrior

I saw the Hand of the Lord and in his hand there was an angel warrior, and another after it, an another, and this wariors got on white horses backs, fill with arrows in their shivers and weapons and rode their horses that had a charriot , and behind the charriot on the back of the charriot above the wheels, There was a hole where flames ( like beeing push by jet fuel , or a flame coming out, I also saw angels pushing or flying the charriot ) is almost a contradiction to se the flame of a jet or 🚀 a rocket, going one direccion , but that is what pushes the rocket forward, the same at the same time I saw other angels pushing while flying the charriots.

I saw many men or people gather on a mountain, and becoming part of the mountain, is like they were worshiping.

Then I saw a bride and a groom kissing passionately, swirling .

Then I saw a war between this warriors and others in this land, after the battle, the warriors desapeared, and there it appeared a temple, and then I saw a woman being carried on the shoulder of men, she was sitted in this canopy going into this temple.

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