2 nights ago I had a dream

In this dream I was walking in a desert mountain area, and I arrived at this city where my older sister had an apartment, she had to go, but gave me a key to go in, and in the hallway coming out of the elevator, there were stations that had toiletries, kleenexes, soaps, lotions, perfumes, and I arrived and in the apartment my younger sisters were in playing with a cat. I let their cat down, and saw a little watch with 4 sapphires attach to a tiny key. , I decided to go to get food, on the hallway I stop by to put some lotion (lilly of the valley lotion), when a man stood behind me and said is customary for my bride to put on her lotion in her face and neck, Then I turn around and saw this man with dark longer hair , some how I was not sure who he was, almost like I didn’t know why he was saying I was his bride., like an impostor. Then I woke up. Then I saw a white car passing by really fast. I got up and prayed until I fell asleep, and about 2 hours later the Holy Spirit showed me, he was looking at me and removing a dark cloud that was hovering over my bed. God is good!, then I felt peace and fell asleep again.

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