Time to spend at the feet of Jesus

Silence your thoughts, be still and know I am God. Repent of any thing you have done or thought that has grieve the Holy Spirit, you can ask , He will show you.

Worship God, then stay still, close your eyes, if that does not work, read the Bible until you hear ir see something. Keep spending tome reading the word of God, and ask Him to clean your heart and open your eyes and ears. Keep perusing the Lord, with a sincere heart, you can talk to him open your heart, tell him all about you, or just worship him, to know him , just come to him with Thanksgiving and sincere heart. Ask nothing just seek his presence. Little by little He will show up and talk to you, or give you dreams visions. God is good and faithful.

He showed me as I worship, we went up to the eye of God, the Holy Spirit showed me the Lord Jesus and angels dancing around him, was beautiful, that night gave me a dream where I was rebuking a demon of a girl with drug addiction, right then the Holy Spirit walk me up and I saw in a vision a man lying in a bed his feet uncover and a legion of demons, I cast them out.

Later as I worship I was taken and shown a book, I started to repent for the sins of the people in the Land, went to the courts of heaven I ask for forgiveness to God for walking away from him, ask for the blood of Jesus to cleans us and testify on our belhalf. I saw the Holy spirit moving and a large quantity of angels going down and then I saw a box and in a secret place man came out by order of the Holy spirit climb a fortress and the angels were battling with demons, I help in warfare, then the prisoners many were released, the Holy Spirit broke their chains and shackles and wash their feet, they were released in bunches with angels and the sons were carried by donkeys, then I saw a king that had demons in Him I pray and was shown he had a covenant with a girl, well I saw the Lord broke the covenant, and their hands separated, then I saw the Glory of God coming down and shinning, then I saw many coming from heaven, a cloud if witnesses or saints parnering with people and Angels.

I also saw the Lord hid in caves some people. Oh the joy when I saw the Lord is moving, at night he wakes me up to pray and worship, and His powerful and Mighty Spirit moves. Then I saw he brought me up to the eye of the Lord and I have been enjoying his presence, then He wrote names in the book of life. Praise the Lord.

Later the Holy Spirit showed me a fire and God’svhand had me or someone else that kept changing, in the fire, like a man, a girl, old man, a woman, then He showed me feet, the feet change from big to small, old and new, men and women. He will purify us in the fire, but we will not be alone, He will be with us. ,the Holy Spirit remind me I also repented for homosexual marriages and sin, he separated the hands of 2 man holding hands, as I repented and ask for their delicarence and healing, that the spirits of confusion, witch craft, sexual sin would be bound and arrested by the angels of God. Thus happened before when I was on the courts of heaven. Please pray for delicarence and forgiveness of sin, for the lukewarm hearts, the cold and stony hearts, for your family, friends,we, neighbors, even for our enemies in every mountain of influence and release decrees of healing, peace, Godliness, righteousness, truth from God, wisdom and salvation from God.

Seek the Lord He said , for yet in a little while , the one who is coming will come and not delay. my righteous will live by faith , and if he would withdraw , my innerbeing would not take pleasure in Him. . but we are not of those who shrinks back , but of those who are faithful in preserving life. ( Hebrews 10:37-39).

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