This is What the Lord is saying

I has a dream where I was going to shower, but the water in the shower was filling up the while room all the way to the top, a complete insertion.

A complete inmersion if the Holy Spirit,

God is going to shine his face upon his children, We are recibing a new baptism of the Holy Spirit to go and declare the goodness of God, speak the Trueth of the Gospel of the Kingdom with demonstration of power and fire, miracles and wonders, God is opening the eyes of the blind, I decree the 2020 vision. Total healing and restauration of the sight ( spiritual and physical ) , We will see the Glory of the most high! The kingdom of God is here, Bless be the name of the Most High God and his Christ Yeshua Messiah! Our King redimer, and the fullness of His Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord for He is good!, worship him in the adornment of Holiness, do Acts of loving kindness, seek his face, pray for every one’s salvation, cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the death and clean the lepard, but above all love the neighbor as you love yourself.

Happy New Year! King Jesus is sitting in the throne!! He shall not be move!, Your kingdom come and your will be done in earth as is in heaven, in our lives, families, cities, Nation, I Relese in Jesus Mighty Name The spirit of the Living God, righteousness, awe and reverence of God, Godliness, Peace, prosperity over the city and Nation, I proclaim restauration to our lives, May our Gates be restore, let them be praise and holiness, and may they be open for the King of Glory to come in.


Happy New Year!

The Lord said He is shining his face upon us. Arise and shine for the Glory of God is upon us.

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