I just saw the

I just saw the Lord pouring out his glory upon a multitude that were gathering and worshiping him.

Praise God for his goodness . Don’t forget this season is to Remember Jesus came as an infant our salvation and was born and died, ascended and is sitted at the right hand of the father, but is coming back soon.

The Lord told me 2017 I am coming soon in an audible voice,

Let’s read his word and do the good that we were sent to do, in loving kindness, He also said 2 days ago, there is a spirit of division in the nation, families, right now I repent for anger, resentment , and every lie the enemy has planted in our hearts and lives , Lord forgive us and give us your grace to forgive all who has hurt us, let your blood Lord Jesus cover our sins in this land, and testify in our belhalf in your courts of heaven , please remove every legal right the enemy has in this nation , over us, let the Holy Spirit mighty whirl wind uproot every seed the enemy has planted

in our hearts and minds, let every seed and legal right the enemy has on us , be burn by your Holy fire Lord, and open the heavens and fill us up to overflowing with with your spirit, your peace and your love for each other in Christ Jesus, let your salvation come to the unbeliever, and a new heart of flesh and spirit of righteousness to the whole nation, the Spirit of reverence of God also fall on all flesh.

I thank you father, that you are mighty And reign from above, your Kingdom has come, keep shining your face upon us and let us rise and shine your love and light in this dark World.

Amen ,

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