I saw the Lord and Holy Spirit

They were dotted in front of me holding a baby in their arms putting it in a crib, then I saw the Lord Jesus carting the cross, He felt on his knee, then he got up kept carting the cross with some help. Then I saw a charriot going down, I believe this is the process child God gave to a beautiful woman that was baren, and now that the Doctors gave up trying in vitro. The Lord is giving her her child , He said to me, the honor and glory are mine, not men. Thank you Lord. Praise you Lord .

I saw a group of black hooded like man , then they were gone, because the Spirit of God fell on the land, children running were touch by the Holy Spirit, the Lord is shining his light upin the people. I see a big patio with tall walls , snow outside some people inside the borders, I am seen the Eye of the los, and opening a way a new path and many wearing white robs and prayer shals , all this are Jewish people, beloved by God. , surrounded by light, is almost like they are coming in from the Eye to the land.

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