Bits and peaces

I saw the Sun falling down, then stop.

I saw people in lines, and some of us acting like we deserved preferencial treatment because of our clothes ,or wanting to have more room.

I saw cords or vines knited like cages.

Dec 8

I saw a dragon going down

Dec 8

I saw Dark principalities coming into my territory,

I saw also the power of the Holy Spirit coming down, l saw people walking in a caraban crossing a bridge, and a big dragon behind licking them as they pass by.

I saw a woman with an arrow ( she shoot an arrow) then she got on a huge bull and rode with other bulls going from the east to the west. Then I was shown a principality , dark like a skeleton, with 2 horns came down from a carriage with another demon next to him , I sow a had had a dark figure in it, but some how light began to shine from it and almost like a soul being free went up from this pit pass many in dark hooded tunics and horses, going up. With some light rays in it, then I saw Angels of God coming to fight the dark hooded shadows .

Earlier as I was praying for strondholds in the education system to come down, and for the children in the schools of this nation, I saw varios dark angels coming down from heaven, and I saw a dragon licking people as they cross a bridge , people were crossing from left to right.

I saw the enemy threathen some children lifes.

But as I pray with a few friends the Holy Spirit was moving and gave me peace.

Later I saw a mouth speaking and throwing darts or knifes out, but the Glory of God and Holy Spirit caught the weapons and send it back to the mouth, all the way back inside the mouth and down it’s throat.

I saw the Holy Spirit moving constantly as I pray undoing courses and evil plans. I saw a huracane, huge winds in a city with palm trees and as I pray and relised the peace of God I saw the Holy Spirit moving and calming the storm.

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