How amaizing

How amazing is to know the Lord Jesus, been forgiven by the grace of God , through the Lord Jesus in his death on the cross, his blood pay the ransom for our sins, we were given life and acces to the father, the Same Holy Spirit that raise Christ / Messiah from death, abides in us. If you have not know the freedom that is living believing Jesus is your Lord and Savior , I invite you to ask the Lord for forgiveness, walk away from any sin your life, that is what repentance means , turn 180 degrees away from sin . confess with your mouth that God came to earth born of a virgen , waked on the earth , died on the cross. And 3 days later was risen from dead , now he is sitted at the right hand of the father, and is coming back, very soon. That He is Your Lord and King, and ask Him to come live in your heart and ask that his Holy Spirit be pour into you, with fire and power.

Have faith start a new chapter in your life, new slate believing and reading his word. He is our rock of salvation, our. Healer, the light in our path, and so much more, I invite you to have an encounter with God that will change everything in your life.

God is good and all good things come from above.

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