Start praising and worshiping God

A dream then a visión

Just had a dream then a vision. Need to start worshiping , the dream there was a Blind baby with 3 eyes and as I I touched his head and said recibe your sight in Jesus name, the baby started to speak in tongues, as I took the baby arround in the city I came out and saw the fire fighters , police with weapons reading themselves, but in front of them a group of women worshiping and dancing, I woke up and remember, God instructed the dancers and worshipers went out first. The battle was his. Then a vision came of dark angels and behind them black chariots . so I am sounding the trumpet, start worshiping get in your post, the enemy is going to attack, but the battle is the Lord, and we will see the great things He will do. Mighty in battle.

Then I saw 2 balls of fire coming down from heaven.

2 Chronicles 20:21

And he consulted with the people then appointed singers for the Lord and those praising Him in full attire ad they were before those equip for battle saying “praisecthe LORD for his mercy endures forever” when they beguan singing and prasing, the Lord set ambushes against Am on, Moab and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah ; so they were defeted, then the Amonites and Moabites stood up against those from Mount Seir, to destroy and finish them, each man attack his companion and destroy each other.

And Judah came to the watch tower to the wilderness and they turn to the vast army and saw only corpses lying on the ground. And no one was spears. Then Josephst and his people gather the plunder. …

28 they enter Jerushalayim with harps, lures and trumpets.

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