I had a dream

In this dream the house in front of mine ( in the dream, was not my real house) . there was a secret door with pigs going in and out, in their a group of witches and warlocks, I went in and ask this (witch ) if she needed prayer to be heal, and I said is your witchcraft that has you bound to sickness, then many got up to hurt me, but she pull me out to a door, and I went out to the street, she said watch out for the lion, but I saw a hienna instead, when it pass I cross the street, there I saw a very large albino pyton snake, I got o, my supposed house and notice the door open, ajar, I went and saw another albino snake with a rainbow head, I grab a big basket and cover it, didn’t feel safe there any more. I woke up.

I believe the house is out nation, we have aloud many different evils in this nation that was meant to be Godly and good, now we have sneaks and while beast, in the mist. No wonder we don’t feel safe. God is our anchor, the rock of our salvation.

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