The Lord showed me a strong many dress like a king coming down from a mountain top, His crown was removed.

I saw the Holy spirit going up to the Lord Jesus, trying to console him. He was crying , the sorrow in his eyes .

Then I saw many demons and in a place someone building a tower that became a temple and a dragon face was in the foundation. Kept growing and growing, the feeling of dread, I saw a large multitud of people gathering , building a tower , less and less people out side.

I fell asleep so tired, not really wanting to see horrors. The Lord woke me up, singing I belong to Jesus Christ, we are overcomes, He has gone before us.

Also seeing 2 bold eagles on a watchman wall.

Time to take our places, pray, watch, and worship.

Call for a Holy assembly .

I saw 4 demons loosed, they look like cruel man and lustful.

I saw watchers on the tower and eagles

I hear people fighting and areguing.

I saw war ships in the ocean.

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