The contract”. Lion os the tribe of Judah.

I saw many thrones, one big throne, with someone very shinny, then at the right hand another very shinny too, but with a lion superimposed, a roaring lion. Then I sow 3 more thrones with shinny presence , the heavens opening didn’t let me see more, I was bellow the opening. , from the throne of the roaring lion light was send down and many angels came down to the earth , I saw people around the eye moving forward and backwards like a worship dance.

I see the eye sending light over the people, now more than one eye sending light from different directions simultaneously.

I saw Angels like lights , coming down between the rays of light from the eye in Heaven.

I saw a book in the middle of the dark city. The light has now become the shape of a dove.

I see now a woman on high hills, left foot, she had fancy lacy thoughts, but her right foot was bear, no shoes, no socks.

I see a white hooded man with light walking among people like marking a small territory, in a rectangular narrow shape.

Behind I see a mouth. With teeth ( normal teeth) and breath coming out of it.

Now I see a hydra dragon floating trying to get into this green house like place.

I lay down and the Lord showed me a building with a green plant out side the entrance.

I got very cold so I got under the covers, there the Holy spirit came into my home and like a superpowerful force got inside my soul, I was seen me sitting on my living room, and I felt this strength  and power inside of me and hear audible roar of a lion a couple times, I started to talk in tongues and kept hearing me say Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah, then more tongues, and came out of me and saw a book open and started feeling fire on my head, like a download of the book, , then I thought that super powerful experience was done, got up, check a couple things. Came back lay down and happens for very long time. I fell asleep for 4 hours, the Holy spirit walk me up to see books and documents being sign in and put inside a book. As a new chapter. Wow, that is one of the most powerful supernatural encounters of God I have had . Then I saw an open heaven an a shape like a man not totally solid but black, the Lord kept shining light over it until all darkness was gone, it took a while.

I started to sing a new song from my soul.

” I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, I’m an overcomes, He has gone before me”. Wow that was amazing.

I saw this big hand putting a Crown or tiara on a white siluette like a woman full of light.

When I came back from running errands and cooking for my family and fast chores. The Lord brought me to the courts of heaven to repent for sins and accusations. I believe this were over places in the nation, I saw the verdict was this 2 big cups like removing 2 very large black bags from a train ( that was the police station. ) if you want to learn about the courts of heaven, Apostol Robert Henderson, has great books. I have been in the presence of my God all day, and saw another verdict where an angel of God had his hands around a man’s head .

Then through the night I saw a King going down a mountain, his crown was removed.

Then I saw eagles , 2 bold eagles and cards at night standing on the watchers wall.

Later through the night I was walken again to see demons building a new kingdom with a dragon as a foundation and a high tower. Many people in darkness. Then less people around.

Later I was walken to see 4 I 5 principalities or demonsc, look like man, one look very lustful, all cruel .

Also I saw ocean ships,

And wake up to the sound of people arguing, (in the spirit.) There was nobody around.

Pray, fast, and worship God.

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