I saw 2 bugs insects like

I saw 2 bugs insect like being released last night.

Then in the middle of the night and early this morning a mighty lion.

Today the Lord showed me a sword. And feet being washed or dip in a liquid (the left foot) also angels putting sandals on a led foot , and feet walking, the walk was like if you are lame, then I saw a little whirlwind being put on the left hill , and then I saw feet, running , the right foot look higher than the left, I saw many walking or running ,and then the feet had shackles. A person was brought into custody and was made to kneel, ( perhaps execuson) he had shackles on the feet and hands, I saw this person going up some stairs. , U kept feeling drops of liquid falling over my body, legs, back arms, and the eye of the Lord, he was crying. I saw a little door open in Heaven, and an out reaching hand grabbing a person, helping him up.

I see people and movement like when you are in a train moving looking toward the mountains, the Lord in the spirit just above their heads. The Lord full of glory and something that look like rivers flowing under his feet. I kept seeing a face right in front of me. Then the Lord Jesus appeared, in all splendor, then, the darkness moved aside and a door where the Lord Jesus was open with an arm in white ropes that open the door. I see cascading water coming down, a cliff beneath it. And an angel holding comforting someone caring a death person in his arms, he gave the death to the angel., I keep seeing this man in white sited in from at the very top of the cliff many kids, babies, grown ups, what is in his arms keeps changing.

I see a woman she’s person walking , I see water and a big pot being also emptied too in the mix from above.

I see this huge angel, two opening the land, like pushing it apart, then seen what looks like a valley , the angel,full of light is a door, where the anointing or water falls down from above.

I keep feeling big drops of water falling on me, , now I am down below the opening.,

I saw a very large quantity of angels desending and chariots with horses all white, an inumerable amount of Angelic host, I also saw a place that look like a children play area, but was not it, it was on this land that was part of a very enormous dragon, who raise up and I saw many demons and their armies.

I went to Bed and I hear a lion roaring out laud, it walk me up and I hear the Holy spirit speaking , should have goten a pen and write down but I didnt want to make noise, I prayed in tongues for a bit, then I fell back asleep.

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