The next versicle

The next versicle the Lord gave me was

Hosea 10:13 You have upload wickedness , you have reap injustice , you have eaten the fruit of lies because you trust in your way in the multitude of mighty men . Therefore a tumult will arise among your people and all your fortresses will be spoil like Shalman spoil Beit Arbel on the day of battle, the mother was dash into pieces upon her children, so Beit-El do to you because of your great wickedness. In the morning the king of Israel,will be utterly cut off.

I saw a rowing boat with men rowing on waters.

At 4:00 AM , I dream I was in a hospice or a church with many doors, I found a CHAL or covering for women on thw floor, I look around there was no one around, I pick it up and was folding it when I woman stpod next to me and I ask does it belongs to you and she said yes, so I gave it to her.

Then I saw a hallway with doors and I thought there were people bedrooms, then I saw a chapple, I went don the stairs and saw many jewish men cover with beatifyl coats and prayer chals , I went up stairs and there was a cape left with the number 2 in a tag. , the embroidery in the cape was beautiful and made of wool, of very great quality. , I look around and there was no one I again took it, thought I will take it with me and look for the owner, I assumed it was a pettite woman, I walk out of the building and found my self wondering why did I took it, instead of leaving it. Then I kept walking looking for a woman, when I found her I saw that I had drop the cape somewhere an as I turned to look for the cape I saw a chariot of white horses that circle around and left He had the cape in the chariot , I thought I had to get it back, I lost it, and as I went to my car I saw how the charriot was far away, and I drove and got,behind a huge truck and another huge truck behind me, when I realise they were to close to me and were going to crush me , I realise they were stop and were not moving. I got out of the car and realised they had trap me in a big trailer, I try to get out. But the only people there were 3 man strong that were not going to help, when I cry out for help they just looked at me. I was I, the wro,g place.

I fell asleep walk up at 4:50 I was in a cage and a shadow above looking down at me. I cry out to God , Help me, deliver me , and a hand came down to help me with angels .

I fell asleep and dream I was working in an office and when they send me to look for binders, everything was not in place, there were missing some binders.

I wake up and saw in a vision . I saw a strong man with a cape on his back was leaving, and I followed, outside there were this few people lashing him with vines, and I look behind me, there was a woman and a demon woman with her , I thought Estar and jezabel.

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