I see a carriage Wheel

I saw a carriage Wheel going from the paved road into the air.

I saw a light shining from above showing the path to walk on a great darkness, and many white ship following a narrow path with light and entering a gate.

I, the middle of the night

I woke up to see a battle in the heavens, the angels of God with a dragon.

In the evening as I prayed I saw much darkness, but the light of God came down to some people.

I saw angels and the Lord full of light walking among the people.

I was watching Saduhu Sundar Selvaraj and had my eyes closed and I saw 2 big elephants with one like a big man and one woman riding them. I saw a multitude of people. Some praying next to a big rock . Then I saw a palace and priest bringing down stairs a rolled carpet , then the carpet look more like a huge phyton snake.

I saw angels coming down from heaven to help people.

Much darkness everywhere in India, but there was light in some places. I saw Angels of God and the Holy Spirit going down to the earth also a cloud with people in it ( witnesses ).

I saw the brethren Saduhu Sundar Selvaraj preaching and a translator next to him . Saduhu Sundar was full of light as he was preaching , but one brighter and mightier was coming down stairs behind him and enter him.

Oct 6 I kept seeing battle ground during the night.

This morning I saw the Holy Spirit as an eagle.

Oct 7. I saw the heavens shaken and the heaven hosts and heaven coming closer dropping down to earth.

I saw eagles taking fly and flying and warriors going up . I saw a huge figure like a man an a spirit of light got in him.

Then I saw many man running.

Isaiah 40:14 Do not be in awe! You worm Jacob , you man of Israel . I AM your help, says the Lord *,

And your redimer, The Holy One of Israel. Behold I shall make you a new threshing instrument having teeth , you will thresh the mountains and bit them small and will make the hills like chaff. You will fan them and the wind will carry them away, and the whirlwind will scatter them , and you will rejoice enthusiasticly in the Lord. You will give glory in the Holy One of Israel.

I have seen the Lord Jesus going into churches where people were praising him. And He touch them and walk among them .

I seen the eye of the Lord sending light through the churches , among his people. Even those in darknes got the light of God on them.

I saw people dancing on the street. But others running in fear.

I saw a word the name of a European nation , I couldn’t see clearly enough and I saw a charriot, in the wheels there was a demon. And many eagles send forth to watch.

I see the face of the Lord Jesus among many people and a Jar or clay or vessle with water or oil being pour out over the multitude.

I saw my front garden and in a dry rock river bed I saw water springing out from the rock and flowing down the rock bed.

I saw the heavens open and water and light being pour out onto the people.

I saw a big rock removed from the ground and angels came down and started to call the bones out and this huge hands moving the sleeping person , while the angels dance, then this man had light in him and was taken to heaven, where the open heaven was.

I saw a something that look like a shoe being dip in water, and angels holding the back heel.

The Holy Spirit took me to the Eye of the Lord, up in Heaven , and I saw the Lord Jesus crying , His tears were falling down.

Then I saw a big hand breaking a rock on a mountain, then a book was open , the Lord indicated me to open my Bible , it was Hosea 10:1 to 11:11

Hosea 10:12 sow for yourselves in acts of loving kindness, reap acording to loving kindness, break up,your fallow ground , for it is time to seek the Lord* , until He comes and teaches you righteousness. You have plow wickedness, you have reap injustice, you have eaten the fruit of lies because you trusted in your way, in the multitude of your mighty men. Therefore a tumult will arrive among your people and all your fortress will be spoil like Shalman spoiled Be it Arbel. On the day of battle. The mother was dash in pieces upon her children. So will Beit-El do to you because of your great wickedness. In a morning the king of Israel will be utterly cut off.

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