Under attack

At 2 AM, the Holy Spirit showed me a woman in a podium ready to talk.

At abot 4 something I was Asleep dreaming I got to a parking lot where there where 3 cars small and white that were mine and. Instead of getting my actual car, I notice one older had the keys in the ignition, , I removed them, then after I close the door, there was another it look older model and flashy when I open the car in the driver door, I notice outside the car there was my winter coat, I pick it up put it in the car and notice some of the carpet was loosed, I removed, it look undernead like it was not a nice car, but dirty and dingy, there were many spider webs in different parts and cigarret buds. Thought to my self , how can they get this out of a graveyard and sell it like new.

Then my dream change, I was in my father house hoseing myself with the water hose in the garden and notice I should be leaving , I could hear my brother been call on the phone, someone was trying to charge his credit card with someonelse bill.

Then I decided to leave, the door was open in the living room, but behind I saw 2 people with hats and guns, behind the house in the back patio, there was a woman who saw me, I went down on the ground and saw the bad guy must had see me , because I felt a gun on my head. I woke up startle.

Before I open my eyes I saw in the spirit a vision of foot soldiers on the wall, and the Feet of a man in sandals. The soldiers were watchers on the tower sounded the trumpets.

Sound of the trumpets, WE ARE UNDER SIEGE .

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