Weeping over America

a few nights ago I saw a tower fcokling down and in my head The great Babylon falling down. This morning around 4 in the morning I saw the Lord Jesus weeping over America, over us this morning and last night I saw a dark principality cut with a knife the hedge or something like a border.

Today the Holy Spirit showed me a woman lips in the background and men on horses removing the physical bricks of a wall/hedge.

2 nights ago I saw the Lord walking away from a heaven opening and the Devil sit on a throne there.

Fasting and prayer is the only solution and trust in God, read his word.

I saw the eye of the Lord , and a great army of dark warriors, I saw kings in carriages ( their faces kept changing) I saw a queen like woman falling to the ground worshiping Satan. All this kings have spirits inside or around them , all dark . Then I saw a multitude of people and a few angels sorting through people and they disappeared. The mayority  of people stayed.

I saw the Holy Spirit spreading through the people, almost like giving a bit of light and became contagious. Later on only a few remain with light. And then I saw a group of principalities going against one person with light, almost they force him to fall down and he was surrounded.

I saw a book open with many writings and a dark spirit on the pages pointing at it. I saw the Lord on clouds below the clouds this book of accusations open and below a dark spirit like cloud. They were all in the pupil of the eye of God. Then I saw a tall tower .

Then I saw a book open and now a spirit with light standing next to it. I see the spirit over people and it turned the book with writing. I see a ball of light going down .

I saw a dark cloud like spirit and a huge man figure getting in a plataforma , there was a dark spirit under his feet.

I saw a man in a podium and a dark spirit in the man was removed as the spirit of God enter him.

I saw a spirit with light being follow by many others, people in white . There was a face at the front , as they pass through people I saw some fainting and were being lifted up or carried, the ones feeling Lonely were hug and kiss , this Spirit of light with a face like the Lords kept moving through the multitudes. I saw a gigantic hand of light carting a dark hand and removing the wedding ring on that small hand , then I saw a book been open and this person fill with light. Then this dark female principality came very close to the person fill with light that over flow to the ground, and try to curse her. As I rebuke it with the word of God , The Holy Spirit cast her away.

Light came in that area.

I saw big feet coming and standing over me.

I saw some sort of energy being removed Like socks of energy ) from this feet that were full of light over me.

Then I saw a man and a principality behind him, holding his head. And as I saw it I rebuke it in Jesus name and it left , then I saw a King with a bear super imposed in him.

Then I saw a tunnel o road, it was a book full of writing and the spirit kept taking me higher or deeper in that road. I kept repenting for sins in the courts of heaven, asking for forgiveness, kept doing it for many books , asking the blood of Jesus to testify on our behalves, an cancel and destroy every legal right the enemy has.

Later I saw the Lord entering a room and all darkness hide away. I saw the Lord and Angel entering a person who was praying kneeling on the ground. I saw the Lord Jesus as a King entering my room , as I kneeled and worship him , He was wearing a crown and had a lion cub in his arm .

I saw a woman queen with shark pointy teeth , she was sitted in a throne in a city in America, near water or a bay. I saw a dark cloud over all the place .

I see bits and more bits of light coming in, from above ( the eye of the Lord)

I saw a man in the ocean swimming near a rock/cliff and there was something dark beneath the water like a shadow, when I rebuked the shadow the man turn around and swim the other dirección.

I call all of you for fasting and prayer, 1/2 a day

1 to as many days as you like 40 for this nation, we need to get ready, repent, ask for forgiveness and for the Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit in us with fire and power anointing, we need to consecrate ourselves to God . Darkness and destruction are coming, but keep you eyes on The Lord Jesus and with the help of The Holy Spirit we can endure in perilous times until the Lord comes back. pray and read the Bible.


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