David Hogan in Boulder…

Wow what an amazing day was to be in City on a Hill church in Boulder, Beautiful church ( I am talking about the people ) Pastor Brandon and Alejandra were wonderful hosted, fill with the Holy Spirit of God, fire and power.

David Hogan is a Mighty Man of God, who lives in the presence of God, and because of it he has a ministry of fire and healing .

I saw there were 10 vessels of living water being pour at Mr Hogan and then through the whole church, I saw brother David fill with light and the angels of God walking around in the room touching people, I kept seen vessels of anointing oil and water falling on every person in the room.

And is been a tangible habitation of the kingdom of God , ( for me since Pensacola conference ) but since yesterday I met 3 new friends in Christ and the presence of God was so strong in them, that as we pray for each other needs , God already answer one of my prayers. Amen and Amen.,

Seek the kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you.

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