CFAN convention in Pensacola

Wow, what can I say, the presence of God was tangible, all the bay center was full, every one from around the world singing and praising God from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM , the speakers were wonderful, Mighty man and women of God, every single moment was fill with the presence of God.

I as a seer saw coals of fire, then fireballs falling down from heaven over the people, and everyone was baptized with fire and power of the Holy Spirit. The second night I saw an angel enter then the lord Jesus sited on a chair and another angel behind him,

I saw a huge hand and a sword fill with fire be put in the middle of the room. I saw the HolySpirit like an eagle with a jar of clay in His beak pouring anointing oil over everyone. I saw the Lord Jesus giving scrolls to people, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said revival.

I learned what was my calling and the Lord gave me a place to congregate with other people like me.

the Glory of God was very thick the last day. I now what is to have a habitation with God, not a visitation. God wants this Nation to go back to Him. I saw the Lord feet walking on top of people, we were not hurt, it was wonderful to see the Lord there.

Thank you to CFAN for doing such an amazing job bringing the gospel, now we need to pass it on until all America comes back to be One Nation Under God!

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