I saw a small dove

I saw a pair of hands with a dove in her it let it go, I didn’t stretch my hands, I have come to realise the enemy always tries to give you gifts , to get you chain, so I question the spirit, if is not reveal who is it I won’t take anything, I decree I only recibe things by God the father, The Lord Jesus or The Holy Spirit, which they always show themselves in the light. If in doubt, I rather ask God for forgiveness than get chain with the enemy.

Then I saw a large man in white lying down on the ground, and people in booths ( wood and cloth tents) kneeling and praying, they look Indian or middle eastern, the ground started to shake violently.

I saw 2 man in robs praying, when they removed their hoods, they look dark, light was not coming from them.

I saw a door, and then a red fast modern car, opening a door and a man step out. He was arriving to where there was a multitude.

I saw a book open and the spirit checking the book.

I saw a man in white robs with a cross in it, the pope. ( false prophet) with a multitude of carriages like in a celebration or coronation, I saw a multitude of people, and everything around was dark, then I saw Angels arround the people and one Angel pouring out the last drop of a cup over them. I saw a dragon hiding behind the pope and many carriages going to see him.

I saw sacrifices of babies, just born. And withiches cursing.

I saw a prophet and the false prophet in front of each other, the false prophet ( pope) had a huge pyton snake arround him .

I saw lighting and thundering from heaven to earth and a huge building like the colosseum collapsing.

Then I saw demons falling from the 2nd heaven to the earth.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me a huge turtle in the sea, had a woman tigh to its back, this woman got released, and I saw a huge hand picking her up , it was the beast, a warrior like with a dark armour and horns.

I saw bibles been burned.

I saw 2 gigantic turbines.

I saw a man standing with a white rob and a spirit kneeling.

I saw a chariot with white horses walking slowly and someone lying down in the carts.

I prayed and saw Angels coming down and search my heart. And felt so much peace. I fell asleep, when I got up , I saw, a Huge prophet kneeling and writing in the land , He was partially bold with a bear and some hair, and my foot and his foot were bind together.

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